Translation of axis in Spanish:


eje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈæksəs/ /ˈaksɪs/

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nounplural axes

  • 1

    eje masculine
  • 2

    the Axis el Eje
    • Its name originated as a cover term for the countries which fought against the Axis in the Second World War.
    • Unlike the Grand Alliance, the Axis coalition formed by the pact had no agreed strategy for fighting the war.
    • In North Africa, it represented the whole Free World against the Axis powers - Germany and Italy.
    • In 1940, Franco declined Hitler's request to join the Axis in World War Two.
    • The Allies are led by Britain, the Axis by Germany and the Comintern by the Soviet Union.
    • If Britain controlled the Suez then Germany and the Axis powers could not use it.
    • Soon, the Axis powers, led by Nazi Germany, had conquered the whole of Europe.
    • As someone who played a victim of the Nazis, I doubt he would've wanted no one to stand up and fight against Hitler and the Axis, ya know?
    • The Axis of German forces were dug in along two lines, called by the Allies the Oxalic Line and the Pierson Line.
    • The defeat of the Afrika Korps was a brutal blow to the Axis powers.
    • Walshe was an admirer of Mussolini and when the war began he favoured an Axis victory.
    • As a nation, we can hold our heads high for the role we played in defeating the Nazis and the tyranny of the Axis powers.
    • Delivering a left hook to try to trap the Axis forces on the Mareth Line, Freyberg hesitated at the vital moment.
    • There, they pronounced the formula of unconditional surrender for the Axis powers.
    • Both the Allies and the Axis countries were looking for a new way to encrypt messages - a way that would result in complete security.
    • Of course, these weapons were useless if they could not be brought to bear against the Axis powers.
    • Their secret agenda, crushing the Axis into submission, was holy and treated as such.
    • The Axis in response sought to hold Tunisia with fresh troops and the remnants of the German-Italian army that had fled Egypt.
    • Neither XXX nor XIII Corps were able to break through to exploit the more open country to the rear of the Axis position.
    • By the summer of 1943, it was already apparent that the Axis powers were confronting defeat.