Translation of B & B in Spanish:

B & B

Pronunciation /ˌbi ən ˈbi/ /bi ən ˈbɪ/


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    • Mary operated her B. & B. venture at Convent Road, Claremorris for long years and many young gardai arriving in town spent their first few weeks being looked after by Mrs. Tuohy.
    • The owner of the B. & B. is also enraged and cannot understand why the council put the cart before the horse by not providing a free car park in the town before introducing parking charges.
    • Apparently in Norway the B. & B. business is not that well organised so Mary was able to give the Norweigan visitors some guidelines.
    • The Irish Farmhouse Holidays Association is the oldest B. & B. Association in the country.
    • This first time tourist experiment seems to be really working and for the seven farmhouse B. & B.'s it means they are busy in what might normally be a quiet time in June and September.