Translation of babble in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbæbəl/ /ˈbab(ə)l/


  • 1

    (of voice, voices)
    a cry rang out above the babble of voices se oyó un grito por encima del murmullo de voces
    • her answer came out in a confused babble balbució una confusa respuesta
    • the baby's babble el balbuceo del bebé
    • I'm picking these sounds out from the babble of the past, a raucous market fair of a landscape that stretches out as far as the eye can see.
    • From an uncertain corner in another part of the pub, there was a babble of bedlam.
    • The gorgeous changing colors of the high-tech map were accompanied by sound: the babble of many meteorologists overlaid by the powerful roar of wind and waves.
    • This is the babble of many tongues as they are simultaneously translated in the glass towers in the stone city.
    • Instead, American viewers will have to strain to make out whole words from the constant babble of wild sound and West Indian accents.
    • If you set a tape recorder running at a noisy party you would most likely hear something resembling a confused babble.
    • This mimics the tone of real speech but sounds like the incomprehensible babble of those claymation shows on the ABC in the 1980s.
    • After a dozen dizzying turns past stalls crammed with fruit, meat, shoes and screws, Zuniga hears a sharp animal screech above the babble of buying and selling.
    • There was a moment of silence from the others, then a babble that sounded like a catfight in a blender, some directing questions and demands at me in a torrent I couldn't follow.
    • I banged the book shut and silenced the babble of my inner teachers.
    • Then a babble of talk and tension-relieving laughter breaks out.
    • Sitting outside the bar there is a light babble of a foreign tongue trilling off the tongues of groups of people enjoying leisurely drinks.
    • When I went down to visit her we spoke in the babble that sounded to other people like a language.
    • There was a rising babble of ‘ews’, and other sounds of sympathy and disgust.
    • In the background he could hear the voices of the passengers asking the same question in a babble of noise.
    • I was enthusing to an old friend about this vibrant new Edinburgh I'd found - the packed cafe terraces, the babble of foreign tongues, the cosmopolitan atmosphere.
    • This was what the crowd had come for and every time Caucau received the ball after that there was a babble of anticipation.
    • Fay ably expresses the feelings of many as they try to decipher the babble of words coming from the religious sector following the tsunami.
    • If children have minds like sponges that can absorb other languages effortlessly, my own grey matter seems to be more of a clam, clamped shut and deaf to the multilingual babble around me.
    • Just the babble of the 24-hour television newscasters.
  • 2

    (of water)
    susurro masculine literary
    murmullo masculine literary
    • The sounds coming from the workshops combine with the babble of the stream to create an authentic atmosphere of the settlement of old.
    • In the silence of the grove, she heard the pleasant babble of the stream, except that it was no longer a quiet sloshing.
    • In plants, a babble of water and small molecules flows through the plasmodesmata between cells.
    • The catacombs, and the lovingly tended graves within, have embalmed the lives and loves of centuries past in a deathly stillness, broken only by the babble of a passing brook.
    • The pervasive pink petals of the cherry blossom trees flutter to the ground like the soft powder of a mountain peak, while the babble of the bubbling brook pervades the air.
    • Today however, the high pitched beep beep of a truck in reverse, unloading lumber for a new house, could be heard over the babble of the stream.
    • From up stream came the babble of the brook like dainty laughter.
    • In fact, I don't think he even heard me, although he was barely 20 yards away and there was no other sound but the babble of the beck.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (talk foolishly)
    parlotear informal
    he babbled on siguió parloteando informal
    • My mother continued to babble on but I paid no attention.
    • Stacey continued to babble on, totally naïve to the fact that she was causing so many eyes to focus on her.
    • Krista continued to babble on about how one of her uncles had gone through the same thing and it all turned out just fine.
    • She continued to babble on about their eternal bond as soul mates, and Robby knew he had to tell her the truth.
    • Sherrie continued to babble on and it didn't take too long before Al realised too that he had been had.
    • He continued to babble on about how it was all my fault, but I didn't pay much attention to him.
    • Elaine did not seem to hear Lynette, as she continued to babble on about Sir Lancelot.
    • Only the twinkle in his eyes betrayed his thoughts as she continued to babble on.
    • Larry continued to babble on, but Guy stopped listening.
    • All around her, the other children happily babbled away and adults occupied themselves with inexplicable activities.
    • It's unfair to criticise here or to babble on about the facilities we have back home.
    • Ten gazillion questions that I'd like to hear posed and answered, and they babble on about our ‘go-it-alone’ policy.
    • They babble on about the supposed benefits of EU membership as if this referendum was about whether we should remain in the EU or withdraw from it.
    • I babble on about style and plot, without admitting I had to re-read the first chapter three times to remind myself who George was.
    • It's a short one but I'm sure I'll babble on long enough to make it an actual entry.
    • How refreshing, she must have thought, as she babbled away like a four-year-old on the arm of her father.
    • These people babble on about how the characters in the novel were more fully developed or how the original story line was more meaningful.
    • Very few successful players babble on about how great they are.
    • Scientists always love to babble on about their work, but Jennifer couldn't afford to draw attention.
    • I pursed my lips together, willing myself not to babble on uselessly about what he'd been doing wrong.
  • 2

    (talk unintelligibly)
    (baby) balbucear
    a babbling brook un arroyo rumoroso literary

transitive verb

  • 1