Translation of babe in Spanish:


criatura, n.

Pronunciation /beɪb/


  • 1literary

    (little child)
    criatura feminine
    • Nappies haven't figured large in my life since I was a babe in arms.
    • She was taken from her true parents when she was a babe in arms, spirited away in the dark of night, wrapped in a blanket of embroidered cashmere.
    • It merits our full respect, the very same respect with which we hold both socially and legally the newborn babe, the child, the adolescent, the adult, and the octogenarian.
    • It bounces with the ebullient step of youth, fresh to the world like a newborn babe.
    • Do not lay hands on the old verging on death, on women, children and babes.
  • 2US informal

    (as form of address)
    (to woman) nena informal
    (to woman) ricura informal
    (to man) nene informal
    c'm'on babe! ¡vamos!
    • You know people have midlife crises when they turn 50 and they go out and buy a red Corvette and drive around college campuses to see if they can still attract babes.
    • Whether you are going to the beach or the pool, here are some bare essentials for attracting the babes.
    • For men, it holds out the fantasy that babes are attracted to geeky men who really, really care about what they think.
    • Nor are there many nubile young babes whose pouty lips are intended to substitute for a story line.
    • Mind you, I can't imagine a guide for older guys on how to bag younger babes.
    • The story centers around three sexy young disco babes who have met the mysterious Anna.
    • If you want to impress the babes at the gym, you need to look your best before you opt to help any of them with a spot.
    • It's a no-brainer with some lush locales [Mauritius, South Africa], striking babes [three beauty queens] and a nonsensical script.
    • Here you are, this righteous babe: sexually adventurous, communicative, and you still got burned.
    • But the main attractions at the club were the waitresses, all hot babes dressed only in lingerie made out of lettuce.
    • She has none of the grit, grace, or animalistic sexuality of those brown sugar babes that came before her.
    • Beach boys and babes stretch and preen and wait to catch the next, best wave.
    • Then last year, he made a comeback starring as the affable-yet-clueless dad of two teen babes and a pesky son.
    • And lets face it, lads, hard rocking babes are damn sexy!
    • And that now is a good time to see the males, out prowling for babes.
    • Behind a circular wood-bar, staff mix up magnificent concoctions like Guavapolitans and Lychee-tinis and awestruck babes and their boys knock them back like soda pop.
    • Hot babes and hip boys come for the classy cocktails poured by dashing bar staff who are eager to please.
    • There were glamorous and trendy babes, all children of aging supermodels, actors, rock stars and maybe a few royalties here and there.
    • This opens up onto an incense-scented lounge, where beautiful babes and boys recline on rich leather banquettes.
    • An advertising adage from the sixties listed the three most powerful visual draws in order of effectiveness: puppies, babies, and scantily dressed babes.
    • She absolutely loved it when Bryan called her babe.
    • ‘Hey babe, just the girl I was thinking about,’ he told her as he pulled her to him in an intimate kiss.
    • I believe that fate has brought us here and we should be together, babe.
    • ‘That's the point, babe,’ he laughed and ruffled my red hair.
    • He waited respectfully as I studied the menu, then said, ‘Make it easy on yourself, babe, the porterhouse is always good.’
    • She responds romantically, ‘Yes, babe, I will do anything for you.’
    • ‘Aw, I'm sorry, babe,’ he said, wrapping both arms around her, knowing he'd pushed her a little too far.
    • So I told him, and by the time I finished, I was crying again, ‘Shh, don't cry, babe,’ Sam said, hugging me close.
    • ‘Nobody is going to harm you or Ana, babe,’ Warren murmured, putting his arm around his wife's small shoulders.
    • ‘You look so very hot tonight, babe,’ he informed her with a grin.
    • ‘Don't worry, babe,’ he reassured his wife though he wasn't as confident as his tone conveyed.
    • What was wrong about me calling her babe and mentioning the fact that she just might be attracted to me?
    • Oh, ok… I tease you about Henry all the time and you never do anything, babe.
    • ‘You can do better than that, babe,’ I purr with all the self-restraint in the world, still resisting the heavy artillery.
    • Deciding to risk her wrath, he whispered back, ‘Anytime, babe.’
    • He put his hands around her waist, ‘Alice, babe, are you ok?’
    • ‘Luv ya too, babe,’ he replied casually as she left the apartment.
    • ‘I'll miss ya, babe,’ he blew me a corny kiss as I got out of the car.
    • The card, which ends in five kisses, reads: 'Hey babes, I miss you so much.'
    • It's not the same without your sarcastic comebacks at everything I have to say, babes!