Traducción de babe magnet en Español:

babe magnet

tipo con mucho gancho, n.


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    tipo con mucho gancho masculino coloquial
    tío con mucho gancho masculino España coloquial
    • He is a celebrity, author, and major babe magnet.
    • "What exactly," I asked, "do you think makes him such a babe magnet?"
    • Who knew that he was such a babe magnet?
    • Babe magnet, that's me.
    • And an eyebrow or two goes up when press make references to this military leader with comparisons to a "rock star" and "babe magnet."
    • Again, I'm not offended by your skepticism of me as a babe magnet because I'm not, but please don't act as if I am claiming things I am not.
    • His lack of charisma plays against the film's attempts to portray him as a babe magnet for young hotties.
    • Such a babe magnet am I, Lord - as I'm sure you know - that I have to fight them off wherever I go.
    • Since you're such a babe magnet (pardon my mild expression of skepticism), what's to stop guys and women from falling for you already?
    • I've been here all week and it is crazy, but I don't seriously think it is because he's a babe magnet.
    • He now wonders whether he would have been happier staying married to the same woman, rather than posing as cinema's abiding babe magnet.
    • Finally, Lenny, just between us guys, what advice would a babe magnet like you give to a total lamewad like me?
    • Everyone knows comic book geeks are babe magnets.
    • We are also introduced to the Lone Gunmen, a trio of computer hackers/conspiracy geeks who make the characters from Revenge of The Nerds look like babe magnets.
    • I love a man who can trim a topiary, but who knew that landscapers were babe magnets [on the level of DJs]?
    • No one expects accountants to stay eternal babe magnets, forever young, beautiful and hot.
    • But they were also the babe magnets and Casanovas of the two day event in Waterford, being followed by droves of tanned, leggy blondes in tight tank tops everywhere they ventured.
    • I wanted to fly partly because of the thrill and partly because of one simple truth that I held self-evident: pilots, by nature, are babe magnets.