Translation of babiche in Spanish:


tiras de cuero retorcido, n.

Pronunciation /bəˈbiʃ/ /bəˈbiːʃ/


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    (que usaban los indios norteamericanos para hacer distintas ataduras) tiras de cuero retorcido feminine
    • The Koosees' teachings - on everything from selecting the right birch or tamarack tree for the snowshoe frame to weaving the moose hide ‘babiche’ used for the webbing - will be used by the cultural center to produce an instructional book.
    • There are solid wooden shoes that were used in emergencies when no babiche was available for webbing, but the historical record and oral tradition agree that these were a second class alternative.
    • His chest was massive, and over it the muscles rolled like babiche cord when he moved.
    • Wood, seagrass, upholstered and babiche seats available in both bar or counter height.
    • Then Falkner bound him hand and foot with the babiche thongs, and dragged him to the bunk.
    • The maker of this elaborate snowshoe has created geometric designs in the babiche weaving using black and red paint.
    • Roots are better than babiche in applications where the object would be in water, as wet babiche stretches terribly.
    • While in college, she was given a babiche bag said to be over one hundred years old.
    • The women took care of the food, skinning, cooking, smoking the meat, made babiche, clothes, blankets, and bowls.
    • The polished brass arm and wall plate reflect the warm varnished wood and babiche tones of both the snowshoe and parchment shade.
    • The Nunamiut kayaks are covered with caribou skins, which are sewn with sinew and babiche and sealed with tallow.
    • Snowshoe makers ‘signed’ their work with distinctive frame construction techniques and ornate, decorative babiche work.