Translation of baby in Spanish:


bebé, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪbi/

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nounplural babies

  • 1

    • 1.1(infant)

      bebé masculine
      guagua feminine Andes
      niño masculine
      niña feminine
      bebe masculine Peru, River Plate
      beba feminine Peru, River Plate
      I'm going to have a baby estoy embarazada
      • I'm having a baby in May espero un niño para mayo
      • she's having the baby at home va a tener el niño / a dar a luz en casa
      • he cried like a baby lloró como un niño
      • don't be such a baby! ¡no seas niño!
      • The ultrasound probe is used mainly for head scanning of newborn babies and young children.
      • You know how to tell a boy baby from a girl baby without having to look at their genitalia?
      • The quadruplets, two boys and two girl babies, are also Niloufer Hospital's first.
      • There were old and young people, little boys and girls, teenagers and babies in prams.
      • We breed, we make babies, the babies are either girls or boys.
      • As they looked at their tiny newborn babies, these brave young survivors felt a powerful surge of protection.
      • Does smoking during pregnancy cause other problems in babies or young children?
      • The equipment and funds help save the lives of newborn babies and young children with congenital heart disease.
      • They now believe even younger babies, even tinier tots can be encouraged to give life a go.
      • You see babies and you see infants - tiny, tiny babies, some as young as a week old.
      • I decided to make up names for the family; pretend they were mine, the girl and the babies were my younger siblings, and the man and woman were my mother and father.
      • The father and mother held on to two babies while a young girl sat in front of them.
      • This age range is the hardest to find carers for as most people choose to provide foster care for babies and young children.
      • Because of the children and the difficulties of taking a tiny baby and a young toddler together up and down the stairs, she did not get out much.
      • The theme of ‘the four ages of dental health’ will explore problems faced by babies, children, teenagers and the elderly.
      • This is to prevent staff and visitors from accidentally referring to boy babies as girls, and vice versa.
      • Lydia didn't even want a baby; boy or girl, name or no name, what did it matter to her?
      • I suppose there may have been men, women, girls, boys, babies among them, but I saw no faces.
      • Everywhere I go now I see young women, girls really, pushing babies around in prams and babycarts.
      • And she opens up to showbiz tonight about being grandma to Gwyneth Paltrow's baby daughter.

    • 1.2(animal)

      cría feminine
      • Three capybaras have been born at the popular animal park and the babies are now delighting visitors as they lap up the autumn sunshine.
      • And he accepted without censure that its impulse to slaughter the babies of other animals was entirely natural.
      • She said a box with a mother rabbit, her four babies and another adult female were found by her husband Mike when making final checks by the main gate at 2am yesterday.
      • Why do most animals have their babies in the spring?
      • Hoss had figured out that human babies grew inside of their mothers' tummies, just as animal babies did, but as yet it had not occurred to him to ask how they got in there in the first place.
      • The attraction's other Easter babies include wallabies, chicks, lambs, goats, guinea pigs, mara and raccoons.
      • My rabbit just had babies with his ‘brother’ - they are so unbelievably adorable!
      • Nick pumps out mix compilations faster than bunny rabbits have babies.
      • It seems that she wants to keep him as her own toy, since her parents had previously promised her a lamb as a pet baby, and not given it to her.
      • A home for Kentucky Derby winners should be sunshine, bluegrass and pretty mares waiting to make babies who can fly.
      • The breeder must be prepared to take full responsibility for their animal babies for their entire life.
      • A camel gives birth to her baby, or colt - but won't suckle it.
      • But the doting couple are blissfully unaware that their baby is actually a GOOSE.
      • Very early on, with a new baby rabbit you should get it used to being handled.
      • She discovered the feral cat and its four babies after her bunny Starsky hopped up and down the garden to attract her attention.
      • I asserted that rats were disinclined to move across broken glass under most conditions, but put broken glass between a rat and her babies and she would cross it without hesitation.
      • Alice told me she enjoyed meeting Mrs Gow and asked questions like how many babies do goats have and what do they eat.
      • Penguin popularity shows its ‘fowl’ side as a baby penguin is plucked from a British zoo.

    • 1.3(youngest member)

      benjamín masculine
      benjamina feminine
      • He was only 12 and the baby of the family as our other children have all grown up and left home.
      • Thérèse had been the adored baby of her family, instructed every day by two elder sisters who proceeded her into the Carmelite convent in Lisieux.
      • The Range Rover badge carries with it a lot of prestige and, while this is the baby of the family, it's still more desirable than anything from Japan.
      • Two have already left home and the baby in our family is 13.
      • Nesbitt was the baby of the family growing up in Antrim.
      • He's from a family of five tennis players, Tracy Austin, the baby of the family.
      • She's telling me to acknowledge the sister and she's also bringing up the baby of the family.
      • The baby of the family has a picture of Denis over his own bed at home.
      • Anne Marie has six brothers and three sisters and is the baby of the family.
      • His dad had remarried and Sykes was no longer the baby of the family: he now had a half-brother, John.
      • After years of being the baby of the family, I decided to meet my parents on neutral ground.
      • Sharon was the baby of the family.
      • Kevin hopes to have the baby of the family, the gallant John Joe, groomed for the next event.
      • Still, for the baby of the family, most people prefer the cleanliness and purity of white.
      • She is, after all, the baby of the family and she needs me the most.
      • I'm the baby of my family too and I can sympathize on the younger cousin deal.
      • Despite this, he still towers over me, and I feel like the baby of the family as he walks over and gives me a quick, awkward hug.
      • From what Jim told him, Hannah Dawson is the baby of the family.
      • Here, Washoe was no longer the baby of the family but was now living with chimpanzees a few years younger than herself.
      • This is what I get for being related to someone that is overly obsessed with what her peers think and is the baby of the family.

  • 2

    • 2.1

      (girlfriend) nena feminine mainly US informal
      (girlfriend) chica feminine mainly US informal
      (boyfriend) chico masculine
      • She was such a bright, vivacious person, my angel, my star, my baby.
      • As for telling us to grow up and grow some hair, I'd love to, baby, I really would.
      • I do love you baby.

    • 2.2

      (girlfriend) nena
      (girlfriend) cariño
      (boyfriend) cariño


  • 1

    baby boy niño
    • baby girl niña
    • my baby brother/sister mi hermanito/hermanita
    • a baby bear un osito
  • 2

    (clams/corn) pequeño
    • Not the display case where you can buy fake nose rings and baby tees and mini glowsticks to roll around on your tongue.
    • The shirt was a pink baby tee with a tiny pocket on the right side of my chest.
    • Looking for a used grand or baby grand piano?
    • We are the sole commercial outlet for the impressive GM6, which is a baby version of our popular GM2 gear motor.
    • Courgettes are actually baby marrows, just picked earlier from the plant.
    • Any vegetable producer tan package baby carrots or cut-up celery in individual portions.
    • If you want to be veggie, go for the selection of baby vegetables with garlic flavoured tomato concentrate.
    • The fish had a deliciously crispy skin, moist flesh and was served with baby onions and carrots.
    • At this time of year garden centres have tray upon tray of baby vegetables all ready for planting out.
    • The spring veggies were another hit: baby carrots, asparagus, French greens and corn in light soy sauce.
    • The only disappointment is the baby potatoes that were obviously frozen.
    • The cheddar mash had no overtly cheesy taste but was rich and creamy and the dish was served with a thick onion gravy, dotted with baby onions.
    • Sometimes with deals like this, you are punished with minute servings, but the bowl was full of juicy baby mushrooms.
    • In a pan of boiling water cook the baby potatoes for 10-12 mins until cooked through.
    • Their food selection was fair and I eventually had a tuna steak with rice and baby carrots.
    • My son and I polished off the baby carrots and radishes before we even got home!
    • Good though it was, it was eclipsed by the fantastic tapering baby carrots on which it sat.
    • Next day I simply emptied the bag into the prepared pot, stirred to brown and then added two big sliced onions and a few diced baby carrots.
    • Top and tail the green beans, peel the baby onions or cut the spring onion into 2.5cm pieces.
    • Lunch could be salmon fillet with orange couscous and baby carrots.
    • And while I was there, I decided to pick up a few bags of pretzels and some of those baby carrots.
    • If you love to munch on baby carrots as snacks, dip them in reduced-fat dressing, she suggests.
    • The roasted baby onions added an extra sweet layer in an exceptionally moist duck for €22.95.
    • So fill in by serving baby carrots or sliced red or green peppers or cucumbers with light ranch dressing.

transitive verb babies, babying, babied

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