Translation of baby-faced in Spanish:


con cara de niño, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪbiˌfeɪst/


  • 1

    (man) con cara de niño
    (woman) con cara de niña
    (charm/innocence) angelical
    • It kind of fits given how baby-faced and innocent the young guy seemed.
    • But 30 minutes in the company of this disarming and baby-faced individual reveals a tough operator.
    • The first person he met was a tall, baby-faced, blond-haired guy who was standing by the entrance of the main room.
    • I was impressed by how ferocious these baby-faced little guys could get once the bell rang.
    • Leonardo Di Caprio, who at one point was going to star, would have added an extra level of baby-faced perversity.
    • The baby-faced A-level student, who viewers have seen struggling to overcome his stammer, promises ‘to work hard and give my fans everything they deserve for giving me this opportunity’.
    • I'm running along thinking about baby-faced, flak-jacketed American soldiers in their armored convoys when I glance at the ground and stop dead in my tracks.
    • Hundreds of baby-faced teenagers from around the country serve as the guard of honour, donning black capes and sombre expressions as they take turns watching over the lily-decked crypt.
    • At the age of 23, the baby-faced veteran won his first Pulitzer Prize, for a cartoon that showed disarmed Germans under the guard of U.S. troops.
    • In her first major film, in 1997 as Keanu Reeves' wife in Devil's Advocate, she negotiated the transformation from vibrant baby-faced blonde to wasted madwoman.
    • He was captured in Afghanistan and arrived at Guantanamo Bay in January 2002 as a slight, baby-faced 26-year-old.
    • For over a decade, baby-faced Big Sandy has nailed the sound and swagger of Western swing, hillbilly boogie, or whatever else revivalists are dubbing it today.
    • Alex is baby-faced, but his ID definitely says 01-84 on the flipside.
    • Upbeat, polite, and baby-faced, with tight braids crisscrossing his head, he is the kind of student that Ikeda could only hope for.
    • Cora's evolution, from a cheeky, baby-faced first year student in Ballinrobe Community School, has been remarkable.
    • The Argentine's baby-faced looks are misleading.
    • Gee, anyone would think that I'm like, all baby-faced or something, or that the people I was talking to were fat middle aged men.
    • Strippers, dead poets and baby-faced gangsters helped make 2002 a memorable year for theatre in Toronto.
    • At Shaw's Bar and Grill, a baby-faced fireman pronounced himself impressed with Taylor.