Translation of baby bust in Spanish:

baby bust

descenso de la natalidad, n.


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    descenso de la natalidad masculine
    caída de la natalidad feminine
    • In the days of the baby boomers and baby busts, the keepers of reflection were the tops of their prime.
    • As it seemed to have turned out, the baby bust generation had its moment in the sun with the dot com boom, and is now sitting back, licking its wounds.
    • The first dealt with Canada's creeping demographic abyss, the so-called baby bust.
    • Wrong, because government in the age of the baby bust is going inevitably to grow.
    • During the late 1980s in North America, business writers were warning of the coming labour force shortage as the baby bust cohort began to enter the labour force.
    • It may also address whether and when China should move to a nationwide two-child policy to prevent a looming baby bust.
    • The latter baby bust period coincided with women entering the labour force in unprecedented numbers.
    • At the same time, those in their 20s and 30s - the household-formation years when families borrow heavily and save little - are the sparse postwar baby bust generation.
    • Generally, baby bust generations do well in their careers and earnings because they face less competition from fellow busters.