Translation of baby talk in Spanish:

baby talk

lenguaje de bebé, n.


  • 1

    lenguaje de bebé masculine
    lengua de trapo feminine
    don't use baby talk to her no le hables en media lengua informal
    • We were too old for baby talk, too young for discussions about philosophy, local politics and international affairs.
    • Forms of baby talk are also used in jocular, intimate conversation.
    • Such baby talk itself originated, she posits, as a response to two other hallmarks of human evolution: upright walking and big brains.
    • And I think one of the mothers who said she didn't speak like that, when we recorded it, she was in fact probably one of the more pronounced people using baby talk.
    • At the time of apprehension S.H.S.P. used little language other than baby talk, which was difficult to understand.
    • Peter Farb, a linguist and anthropologist, carried out a fascinating study about baby talk.
    • Because we are exchanging - instead of simple talk, and silly talk, and simple words, baby talk - we are now communicating ideas from one to the other.
    • The pair of them seemed to be having a conversation of their own in their own little world of baby talk.
    • Also, grandparents' names often come from a toddler's inability to pronounce a certain name; presumably the 5-year-old kid you are writing about is beyond baby talk.
    • All recordings contained the same nonsense mutterings, but some mimicked the singsong rhythm of baby talk - known to spark infants' interest - while others sounded flat.
    • Occasionally, between poems, she chattered in a form of baby talk.
    • I thought that you said that you never would talk baby talk to her?
    • If she needs a favour done urgently she asks in baby talk.
    • Martin garbled baby talk and wailed out giggles.
    • Joyce begins his Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man with a couple of pages of just gurgley, gooey baby talk, describing the world as seen by an infant from its crib.
    • His parenting skills were described as poor and he as being rigid, inflexible, confrontational and a poor influence on C.T. as she reverted to baby talk when she was with him.
    • The author of several books on child development, she says the show's use of baby talk is not only ineffective but potentially detrimental to speech development.
    • Mothers employed none of the acoustic signatures of baby talk while talking to another adult.
    • In baby talk, mothers simplify and formalize their behavior.
    • The older child may become extremely jealous and display aggressive behavior toward the baby or such regressive acts as bed-wetting or baby talk.