Translation of babysit in Spanish:


cuidar niños, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪbiˌsɪt/ /ˈbeɪbɪsɪt/

intransitive verb babysitting, babysat, babysat

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    cuidar niños
    hacer de canguro Spain
    I'll babysit for you yo te cuido a los niños (or al niño etc.)
    • We give by baking cookies for a neighbour, offering to babysit for weary parents or spending time with a lonely person.
    • We have had some beautiful letters from the parents of children she babysat.
    • Which reminds me, I need to get in touch with all the usual parents I babysit for, and tell them to call me here at Alex's instead.
    • When Nancy visits friends who have younger children, her teenage daughters babysit so the parents can have a night out.
    • Girl Scouts are advised to ask the parents for whom they babysit to unload and lock-up their guns.
    • One night, my parents ask Grandpa to come over and babysit while they go see Chuck Berry at the Westbury Music Fair.
    • She used to babysit for neighbours and was quite normal.
    • Outwardly, Gina didn't seem troubled - she babysat for neighbors, wrote cute poems, and smiled radiantly for pictures.
    • On Tuesdays, I babysat for some friends of my parents.
    • We had to ring our neighbour and get her to come and babysit.
    • In Argentina it is usual for couples to ask their parents or a sibling to babysit for their children.
    • Once the child's parents have asked you to babysit for them, it is a good idea to agree rates of payment at that stage.
    • She buys cool stuff because she babysits and makes good money.
    • My niece babysits, as I have two evening meetings.
    • Granny babysits, serves buttered toast for tea, and scoops up dancers from ballet classes in the next town.
    • In high school, my sister used to babysit for D's daughter's daughter.
    • He used to come round here and we would babysit for him.
    • I was asked to babysit for the Alatas children and although I wasn't too keen on watching over a toddler, I had accepted.
    • The woman left to do something - perhaps buy baby supplies - and left me to babysit.
    • Much manly back slapping ensued, and I now have a friend's gown in my room which I agreed to babysit whilst he went to the PT.

transitive verb babysitting, babysat, babysat

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    (child) cuidar