Translation of bach in Spanish:


casita de veraneo, n.

Pronunciation /bætʃ/ /batʃ/

nounplural baches

New Zealand
  • 1

    (holiday house)
    casita de veraneo feminine
    • Removal of the baches was required under the North Canterbury Conservation Board's 1998 plan for the reserve.
    • I have also heard, and certainly saw on our boat trip in, that there are many privately owned baches which can be rented.
    • The seaside baches have become a lot bigger and more posh in the last 50 years than they used to be, and cost a lot more to buy.
    • Boatsheds were built along the lake edge at Kerr Bay and baches were built among the beech trees on the slopes above the bay.
    • He spent all his time at the bach out on the deck or in the house reading, except when they entertained.