Translation of back-breaking in Spanish:


agotador, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌbreɪkɪŋ/


  • 1

    it's back-breaking work este trabajo te deja deslomado
    • In poverty-stricken neighbourhoods of the city, the vast majority of children must work, often doing back-breaking manual labour for a few pounds a day.
    • Monday meant a return to the fields and back-breaking labour.
    • Those capable of working were not sent to the gas chambers, but put to back-breaking labour under horrific conditions.
    • For them, it is difficult to get sentimental about the back-breaking labour and the pitiful annual income.
    • Many women continued to work long, exhausting hours as wage labourers for miserly rates of pay, while as housewives their constant companions were poverty and back-breaking drudgery.
    • Each spear is harvested by hand, and most cans are hand-packed, demanding countless hours of back-breaking field and factory labor - the cheaper the better.
    • Building roads from the seashore up to five thousand feet on the slopes of Mauna Loa demanded back-breaking labor.
    • The unemployed were signed up to do back-breaking manual work for low pay.
    • There is no sense in wasting all your energy on back-breaking physical or mental labor.
    • In the searing hot sun, the road-gang convicts endure back-breaking physical labor - chopping dusty weeds by the side of the highway.
    • Now, many find themselves worn out after decades of back-breaking physical work, and they are unable to find work.
    • While the methods may be back-breaking and labor-intensive, the payoff, winemakers say, is a purer, better quality wine and a product that's healthier.
    • The broader point is, in large reconstruction projects, back-breaking labor is often and most often - most often done by immigrants at low wages who are willing to do these jobs that the nation needs to be done.
    • A recent union survey of shearers found 70 per cent would not encourage their friends, family or children to become shearers, saying the back-breaking work was no longer worth it.
    • Other such jobs follow, short-lived, often back-breaking, alternating with drifting poverty-stricken in the city, sleeping in alleys and telephone booths.
    • These are the least desirable jobs because they require back-breaking labor, are outdoors, require exposure to pesticides, and pay the lowest wages.
    • I told him about the back-breaking work of doing it all ourselves, and how Jon had demolished the kitchen himself and then wired the whole room for electricity.
    • This took another 13 years of back-breaking work.
    • The migrants workers are paid next to nothing to work picking strawberries, which is back-breaking work for long hours, and often they have no homes to go to when work is over.
    • Millions of children, mostly girls, are pulled out of school to look after sick relatives, do back-breaking paid work and run households.