Translation of back number in Spanish:

back number

número atrasado, n.


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    número atrasado masculine
    • Also, partly moth-eaten back numbers of forgotten magazines of the 1950s or even earlier may catch your eye.
    • But when I last visited the shop, the owner directed me to a pile of back numbers of a journal that was neither dead nor Indian.
    • He had seen his exhibition advertised in a back number of the magazine and used one of his last two remaining postage stamps to send him photographs of his figures in pastel.
    • But it is disheartening if you've set aside a Saturday evening and travelled ten miles for a game to be eliminated in 1902 and spend the rest of the evening thumbing disconsolately through dog-eared back numbers of magazines.
    • In secret she and he carried his copies of the journal down Grenfell Street into her office and stashed them in the storeroom under back numbers of another publication.
    • He and two co-authors read through back numbers of various urban gay community papers, mostly of the giveaway sort that are laden with bar ads and personals.
    • Get out your file of back numbers of the magazine and read what was written in form of bitter complaints last year.
    • On the off-chance that I might come across his views on forest nudity, I trawled through back numbers of the international Catholic weekly.
    • Recent back numbers are usually available at a bargain price to new members.
    • But some of these back numbers show up in bookstores and vendors' stands near universities.
    • It is fascinating to read the back numbers of what was one woman's unique contribution to our local community.
    • Our website also carries at least three complete articles per back number in pdf format.