Translation of back talk in Spanish:

back talk


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    • He was a bit shocked by my slight back talk.
    • When he mentioned his wife, he got the same back talk from Amanda that Kevin had gotten.
    • Oh that's the reason for the cursing and the foul back talk, not like he never does it when Jessica's not around.
    • He didn't hear her back talk as he slammed the office door and locked it.
    • But those who are relentless, grim, and heavy-handed about this deserve some back talk.
    • There's no back talk, no squabbling, no sass when the family gathers around an open grave.
    • Alright, no back talk, move your little butts before I blast 'em!
    • ‘Yes, I do not tolerate weapons, I do not tolerate scruffy appearances,’ she leveled a shiny talon at my head, ‘and I do not tolerate back talk!’
    • He knew she was saving to build a house so he offered him a bonus rate if he could work as hard as physically possible, insisting, ‘And what's more, no back talk.’
    • But his shout has not been mere bombast, nor has it been without back talk.
    • They challenged the malestream, and eventually like a slumbering giant unused to back talk it woke up and took notice.
    • He knew his mother, so he knew that she might say it teasingly, but she'd actually do it if he gave her anymore back talk.