Translation of backbiting in Spanish:


murmuraciones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌbaɪdɪŋ/ /ˈbakbʌɪtɪŋ/


  • 1

    murmuraciones feminine
    viboreo masculine Latin America informal
    • They never use profane language, bear false witness, engage in slander, gossip or backbiting, or even listen to such debasing talk.
    • There was tremendous in-fighting, factionalism, backbiting, accusations about whose guru was on the highest path and so on.
    • The girls changed agents, changed publishers, and were, as you might expect, subject to a certain amount of backbiting and jealousy among the writing community.
    • He's had it up to here (source pointed at the middle of their forehead) with the backbiting that goes on in the music industry.
    • It seems that girls are engaging in more backbiting, gossip and trying to control other girls' behavior; often it becomes violent.
    • Today, however, it looks more like public politics has entirely sunk to the level of petty personal backbiting, where government ministers can be judged on gossip rather than policy.
    • Many of them have bad or at least petty motives - backbiting, the desire to gossip or trade in information for advantage, revenge.
    • With little to occupy their inner lives, they settle on sophomoric backbiting and relentless self-aggrandisement as the closest achievable thing to an actually mature expression of emotion or contact between two human beings.
    • All it seems to achieve is in-fighting and backbiting and actually does more harm to community relations than good’.
    • But people don't know the background of arguments and backbiting that has been going on over the state of the equipment and their refusal to give us concession prices.
    • Instead of continued squabbling and backbiting, all parties concerned should now concentrate their efforts on what lies ahead and not make the entire public health profession continue to suffer.
    • ‘I have never liked unfairness and backbiting,’ adds Fiennes.
    • Of course, by the end of the fortnight, this temporary relative calm will have descended into a tense mix of squabbling, resentment and backbiting, as our abject failure dawns on most of us.
    • He advised people against indulging in backbiting.
    • In recent years, both councils have descended into counterproductive bickering and backbiting far too often.
    • But backbiting by the Opposition leader did not sway the organisers.
    • It's that world of intrigue, of plotting, spin and backbiting that he will be bringing to life in his new weekly column for the Evening Press that begins tomorrow.
    • As a result, backbiting and betrayal was kept to a minimum.
    • In the absence of coherent arguments, the discussion quickly descended into backbiting and spats.
    • I hope he won't let the momentum gained here be drowned in yet more backbiting.