Translation of backcountry in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbækˌkəntri/ /ˈbakkʌntri/


Australian, US
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    the backcountry el campo
    • We're talking off the pavement, into the backcountry and up a mountain.
    • In British Columbia, the popularity of the backcountry has helped turn guided skiing into big business.
    • Canyonlands National Park saves most of its highlights for the backcountry enthusiast.
    • Explore wild Utah backcountry on the edge of the largest roadless area in the state.
    • Taking a laptop into the backcountry didn't sound so unreasonable.
    • The backcountry swamps of the area hold a special interest for him, and many of his paintings depict this unique wilderness.
    • I didn't have much time to hike when I visited Philmont, so Palmer drove me around the backcountry in his truck.
    • The adventure activities might be as common as the ropes course or as uncommon as several weeks trekking in the backcountry.
    • His style is to use horses to get deep into wilderness, then set up camp and hike farther into the backcountry, hunting on foot.
    • Most people recognize the Blue Ridge as the defining feature of the backcountry of Virginia and the Carolinas.
    • Although he can adjust to a laid back attitude when shooting or filming in the backcountry, competition is his forte.
    • You can stay at one of the park's 10 campgrounds or camp in the backcountry.
    • The topographic map is the essential tool for moving swiftly and efficiently through the backcountry.
    • More than 100 miles of roads and trails have been carved into the backcountry.
    • So we will see some inevitable growth, but the backcountry won't be overrun.
    • The easiest and least expensive way into the backcountry is on snowshoes.
    • Itinerant merchants traveled the backcountry buying or trading dried apples.
    • Before venturing into the backcountry the following day, we considered what to tote in our packs.
    • I should point out, too, that the majority of nights we hikers spend in the backcountry are mild.
    • The only thing cell phones provide in the backcountry, critics say, is a false sense of security.