Translation of backflip in Spanish:


voltereta hacia atrás, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækflɪp/ /ˈbakflɪp/


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    voltereta hacia atrás feminine
    salto mortal hacia atrás masculine
    mortal hacia atrás masculine, feminine
    • Already, the 30 squad gymnasts, aged between six and 18, are perfecting backflips and somersaults, and are looking forward to showing them off in a competition next month.
    • He did somersaults, backflips, and other types of jumps.
    • When you see physical strength and ability like that, it's really inspiring - it makes me want to do handstands and backflips.
    • Channeling the errand momentum, Ace led with his right hand and cartwheeled backward leading into a chain of visually stunning backflips.
    • You should have experience doing backflips before you try this trick.
    • For a barefoot beginner like myself, watching today's capoeira experts mixing well-oiled, gravity-cheating, silent cartwheels and backflips with powerful kicks and lunges leaves me slack-jawed in admiration.
    • She raised her hands in the air and cart wheeled head first before twisting her body end over end in backflip after backflip.
    • She did a roundoff into two backflips, and then calmly turned to Danny, saying, ‘So, I'm expecting you can do that, too, right Mr. Gymnast?’
    • Then get down to business and start loving’ those backflips - you need to practice tons to ace tryouts.
    • The wide receiver did backflips across the 50-yard line, and the grins got wider by the moment.
    • The movie is about an acrobatic corn-seller who does backflips for his customers.
    • In the clip, happy teens happily do homework on laptops; and footage of children doing backflips presumably conveys that technology in the classroom gives you more time for gymnastics.
    • Following his gaze, I felt my stomach do backflips.
    • All these kids are out there [on dirt bikes] jumping 80 feet and doing backflips, but I'm jumping 200 feet over cars.
    • Hearing another noise, she did a couple of backflips.
    • She did two backflips and landed safely on the soft water.
    • I could swear I saw Stephen Murray do tabletop backflips years ago.
    • Some choose to do backflips over a 10.5m gap, while others sidesaddle their bikes or let go of the handlebars over a 27m gap.
    • True street skaters don't do misty flips and backflips on the streets.
    • My diabetes is in tight control and I'm even learning to do backflips at age 33.