Translation of backgrounder in Spanish:


informe oficial, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌɡraʊndər/ /ˈbakɡraʊndə/


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    (que contiene información de fondo) informe oficial masculine
    • A year and a half ago he did a press briefing, a backgrounder, in which he praised the president.
    • When he was an MP it was left to as assistant to prepare detailed backgrounders for his questions in Parliament.
    • She has compiled an excellent backgrounder on the different reform proposals at the Council on Foreign Relations web site.
    • When I had my backgrounder with you all, I had all the information.
    • Please read our backgrounder on Urie and Rocketplane for additional information.
    • Influenza Pandemic Awareness Week continues with three backgrounders.
    • The general tells the story about how he had been away from the Pentagon for a while and then was (as I remember) brought back to give a backgrounder.
    • For more information about these award-winning examples of fully deployed innovative applications of AI, as well as emerging applications that are still under development, see the backgrounders in the electronic AAAI Press room.
    • Non-Indian readers and, I dare say, many Indian readers will find it a useful backgrounder.