Translation of backhanded in Spanish:


con el revés, adj.

Pronunciation /bækˈhændəd/ /bakˈhandɪd/


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    (blow/swipe) con el revés
    (blow/swipe) de revés
    • Less than four minutes in, he delivered a beautiful backhanded pass that resulted in a three-point play.
    • He also isn't playing good defense, failing to make the backhanded stops he has made most of the season.
    • The center fielder jumped against the wall attempting a backhanded catch.
    • Unfortunately, he doesn't have much range to his right, and he's horrible at fielding the ball backhanded.
    • Last Thursday he showed his moxie when he made a diving backhanded catch on a one-hopper.
    • The second baseman raced over to make a nice backhanded save and threw him out.
    • He has good range and has made some superb throws after making a backhanded grab on the run.
    • It proved to be an impossible task, for the cloaked fighter finished the battle with a single backhanded blow as soon as the ref started the match.