Translation of backing track in Spanish:

backing track

acompañamiento, n.


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    acompañamiento masculine
    • He began a solo career singing along to backing tracks on a tape recorder.
    • Too frequently, the music sounds like backing tracks awaiting a great soloist to step forward; too infrequently one does.
    • He was used to arriving at a studio to find the backing tracks already recorded.
    • And there are a lot of interesting sounds in the backing tracks of hip-hop, too, as well as innovative vocal techniques.
    • She spent two years singing backing tracks for other artists.
    • 'Karaoke' is a Japanese word that means singing to pre-recorded backing tracks of popular songs that have had their lead vocals removed.
    • The band consist of just two members, a vocalist/guitarist and a vocalist/bassist with the drums played upon a backing track.
    • While most sang with backing tracks, those who did not impressed the judges with their vocal and timing abilities on some difficult songs.
    • I'm not one for attacking musicians for playing along to backing tracks.
    • Meanwhile, the backing track pops and grooves, slides easily from one sonic moment to the next, and envelops the many layers of synth seamlessly.
    • Youngsters who sing on the backing track for the new advert have been presented with a copy of their recording.
    • Devoted fans will recognize a lot of the original backing tracks, which all have been remixed and dubbed up with plenty of spacey echo, harsh delay, copious reverb, and psychedelic sound effects.
    • On this fourth album, the poetic singer/songwriter guitarist, who makes his own electronic loops and backing tracks, is more ghostly than folksy.
    • Despite her public ‘aw shucks’ persona, the girl can sing - it's just a shame that she's never really allowed to soar, afforded little room to move within the unimaginative backing tracks.
    • As it stands, it's hard to imagine a bigger waste of great backing tracks.
    • But a lavish stage show budget allows all sorts of backing tracks and monitoring to compensate for their slim numbers.
    • It mostly seems like they cut and pasted the vocals over the backing tracks, which adds to the disappointment.
    • A stream of session musicians had been brought in to play the backing tracks on the album to give them some musical content.
    • So I went and ad-libbed to some backing tracks and they took me on straight away.
    • Fortunately, the backing track overpowers the unrelenting lyrical assault, making the song enjoyable regardless of its difficulties.