Translation of backlash in Spanish:


reacción violenta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌlæʃ/ /ˈbaklaʃ/


  • 1

    (adverse reaction)
    reacción violenta feminine
    there are fears of a Christian backlash se teme una violenta reacción por parte de los cristianos
    • Women have seen this development as a backlash against equality and democracy.
    • Today rogue animosity fuels a backlash against the development of the global economy and the spread of democracy.
    • They both maintained there would not be a political backlash against Labour in the next General Election.
    • Trust in the Prime Minister has collapsed, and that is prompting a backlash against all mainstream politicians.
    • The other Asian power, India, is - like Europe - facing a political backlash against economic globalisation.
    • Scripts submitted this year indicate that there is a backlash against the social realism which has dominated Scottish cinema.
    • Pilot schemes have shown this could work - but a backlash against modernity would drain the political will to achieve this.
    • A strong backlash among patients developed while the bill was being considered in the legislature.
    • In Melbourne there is a backlash against these types of guys, because they often have nothing intelligent to say.
    • He's concerned about creating a backlash against the military.
    • He argues a backlash against ‘multiculturalism’ has begun.
    • We've been told that Republican Party polling has showed huge support for Republicans and a backlash against the Democrats.
    • It led to a backlash against France and French visitors.
    • They can hardly be surprised when their own behavior provokes a backlash.
    • The reaction on the doorstep has been very positive and the Green Party is hopeful it will pick up on what it says is a backlash against the Government parties.
    • Politicians will face a severe public backlash if power shortages occur.
    • The anti-immigrant backlash of the last decade also has deep roots in the crisis of the post-war social contract.
    • Her family, who made a nice living running a business, feared anti-Semitic backlash.
    • Food producers and distributors expect a massive consumer backlash to labeled GM foods.
    • That's leading to a big consumer backlash and that definitely has to stop.
  • 2

    • 2.1(recoil)

      contragolpe masculine
      • The trigger pull is adjustable for distance as well as for pull weight and backlash.

    • 2.2(excessive play)

      juego excesivo masculine