Translation of backless in Spanish:


sin espalda, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbækləs/ /ˈbakləs/


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    sin espalda
    • An absolute stunner: the backless gown in silver is held in place by tiny, invisible straps.
    • There was glorious sunshine for the photographs and Nikki looked stunning in her white backless dress.
    • The backless dress was studded with hundreds of crystals and the dressmakers actually moulded the bodice around Mary's body first so it fitted her to perfection.
    • I assure you that when you do look especially good (like when you wear a backless dress and do that thing with your hair), you will hear about it.
    • Zach knew she must be cold since her dress was backless and sleeveless.
    • The backless gown was flattering; she was not a very voluptuous woman, but she was certainly not shapeless either.
    • None of her shirts were backless or extremely low cut.
    • The design of the backless dress adds an extra sexy element.
    • She was thankful, at least, that the hospital let her wear her own pajamas rather than one of their backless gowns.
    • Today, she is wearing a layered, backless dress constructed of unmatching cloth panels and vertiginous gold Mary-Janes.
    • Her outfit - a thigh-length, tasselled, backless dress - drew gasps from the audience.
    • I can't see her face, but she's wearing a backless dress, and her back is smooth and angular.
    • She grabbed her brush, and sang along, as she dug through her closet for her deep purple backless gown.
    • As she slid into the black backless gown, she felt Stefan's gaze watching her every movement.
    • She was clad in a long, backless dress, and her hair was up, but a few strands were loose to frame her face.
    • I got showed and threw on a pair of silver bell bottoms and a red and black backless shirt.
    • The bride wore a white satin backless gown scattered with crystals, and carried a bouquet of white roses.
    • And why would any director put someone who is only skin and bones in a backless dress?
    • Tackle the chill factor when wearing your favorite backless or strapless pieces by wrapping up in cashmere, velvet or wool shawls.
    • It was winter and everyone else was wearing normal clothes, but she had on a red backless halterneck dress, a tan corduroy cloth cap, and big silver hoop earrings.