Translation of backlist in Spanish:


obras publicadas, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌlɪst/ /ˈbaklɪst/


  • 1

    obras publicadas feminine
    • This litigation will determine whether print publishers also hold e-book rights for the books that are part of their active backlist published prior to the time when contracts became explicit about e-book rights.
    • The genteel 19 th-century world of publishing in which boutique publishing houses lovingly cultivated their backlists has been overwhelmed by 21 st-century conglomerates who want a profit and want it now.
    • For many years there has been a growing sense that book publishing has taken a wrong turn - that its constant emphasis on new titles is leading to short-term thinking and neglect of the established titles on the backlists.
    • The publisher has reinvigorated its impressive backlist and new titles with stylish covers.
    • Group ads also give companies a chance to advertise their midlist and backlist books - titles that might not otherwise have ad money allocated.
    • Previously, publishers' bread and butter were their backlists of steady sellers.
    • It has sold its backlist to its distributor, so the books should still be available.
    • Since Naipaul won the 2001 Nobel Prize for Literature, there has understandably been much excavation of his backlist - omnibus collections, reissues, stories and essays shuffled around in new editions.
    • By redesigning its Morrison backlist to appear as a set, the publisher encourages its consumers to purchase the entire ‘Morrison collection.’
    • That's a publishing decision - someone said, ‘We need to build up our educational backlist.’
    • Publishers like mystery writers to do series characters because it helps keep the backlist of earlier novels selling.
    • Doubtless she also earns royalties from sales of her backlist.
    • But he does have quite a backlist and reputation, and an international network of committed fans.
    • Many contemporary politicians could learn a lot by immersing themselves in his backlist.
    • He seemed to have been around a long time then and already had a huge backlist from which to draw.
    • Both feminist publishers and feminist booksellers were sustained by the amount and length of time these backlist books were stocked.
    • Signed copies, selected backlist titles and audio will be available for sale at the event.
    • Nevertheless, 'Roots' remains on the backlist and continues to be an important read among those seeking insights into the black experience all the way back to its African roots.
    • To work through his backlist is to be surprised at the continuities that are present in his writing.
    • The re-release of his entire fiction backlist will appear on shelves in bookshops this month.