Translation of backslapping in Spanish:


palmaditas en la espalda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌslæpɪŋ/ /ˈbakslapɪŋ/


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    palmaditas en la espalda feminine informal
    • This character would offer solutions to a problem, no one would respond, then a man would come up, verbatim, with the same idea which would be met with universal backslapping and congratulations.
    • The mood was jovial, the speeches full of backslapping and congratulations.
    • Amid a spray of spilt drinks and nibbles, much cheering, dancing and backslapping, the unruly crowd vented their delirium in the manner of Indian cricket spectators, setting alight their match programs and letting off fireworks.
    • A feast had been laid out but was soon demolished, amidst much handshaking, backslapping and reminiscences.
    • Arriving passengers greet their cabin stewards and table waiters like long-lost family friends with smiling handshakes, hugs and much backslapping.
    • Traditionally it's been a venue for blustering declarations from fulminating premiers, but today instead of foot-stamping there was backslapping.
    • Several hundred teenagers dressed in patent leather shoes and crisp green U.S. Army uniforms are greeting and backslapping each other in the crowded school hallway.
    • Amid warm bear hugs and backslapping, the ex-army officer relived those old times and exchanged pleasantries with the serving officers.
    • In fact, the mutual backslapping has already started.
    • Twenty-two minutes from a gold medal and with it the promise of a lifetime of backslapping, banquet invitations, halls of fame.
    • The trio reaches annoying heights of self-congratulatory backslapping on occasion, but on the whole there's an honest, cheerful camaraderie between the participants.
    • There will be a lot of backslapping, and people will talk about the amazing things that will come out of that Budget, in terms of it being pro-growth, pro-science, and pro-development.
    • Occasionally there is too much glad-handing and backslapping, but overall it's a compelling complement to the film.
    • Their presentation featured a quirky opening video, thirty minutes of corporate backslapping, and few new products.
    • The settlement prompted much backslapping among advocates of the public's right to know.
    • The audience exploded into waves of applause and general backslapping.
    • If you don't mind the mutual backslapping, it is an informative supplement to the film.
    • The ceremony was noteworthy for the vigorous mutual backslapping, and the empty seats in the large marquee shading mostly pollies, VIPs, public servants and some Aboriginal functionaries.
    • But before we launch into a pan-European round of backslapping, what about the fact that calling from a country other than your operator's is often extremely expensive and apparently random, changing from day to day?
    • There are times when someone decides that an album deserves plaudits, laurel wreaths and all round backslapping because it's an auspicious debut recorded without the help of some guy with a ponytail in a big office.
    • No matter how many times I say that award ceremonies are pointless industry backslapping, I still can't help but be a teeny bit interested in them.
    • Despite all that praise and backslapping, one never truly appreciates the trip ‘there’ unless one has a common frame of reference.
    • But behind the smiles and the backslapping, the record industry is fighting for its life.
    • With all the congratulatory backslapping and kudos for them filling the media, does no one stop to think about the total about-face that has been foisted on the membership of both parties.
    • There was much backslapping and self adulation.
    • Half of his speech was taken up with the kind of political backslapping and one-line jokes normally reserved for campaign fundraisers.


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    • The six-foot redhead is known as a disciplinarian and a diplomat, a gregarious, backslapping sort who goes to extraordinary lengths to inspire the troops.
    • Nor is a good mindreader necessarily a ‘people person’ - we all know backslapping bon vivants who are all but illiterate when it comes to reading the subtleties of social interaction.
    • At the port, what started out as a backslapping exercise by the general shifted after a good-natured jibe from one of the enlisted soldiers.
    • Since I was off yesterday and there was nothing on the telly I watched the self-congratulatory backslapping gathering in Trafalgar Square.
    • And that's why you date the guy who takes you out for dinner, and just become backslapping buddies with the chap that makes you pay for his pizza.
    • On the whole, the meeting has the backslapping atmosphere of counselors returning to camp.
    • And backslapping partnership agreements between airline bosses and union leaders can all too easily end in tatters - mainly due to the cruel realities of the airline industry, which is even more cut-throat than most.
    • A little better than the usual run-of-the-mill backslapping video press packet, the featurette does have some interesting insights and many will feel, is better than nothing at all.
    • When parties sit down to hammer out a deal, we focus on the hard issues, confronting points that have been brushed aside to preserve the illusion of backslapping bonhomie among the players.
    • That means style queens are going to feel a lot more comfortable in New Town's urbane outposts than the boozy, backslapping pubs of Old Town.
    • It would appear I've accidentally said the wrong thing on a backslapping parade and critical perspectives are unwelcome.
    • The annual address has become, instead, a combination of media event - whose audience has steadily declined - and backslapping get-together for the Washington political elite.
    • He has zero experience in the punishing, hand-squeezing, backslapping world of retail politics where most campaigns are won and lost.
    • I was surrounded by backslapping, laughing patrons.
    • The backslapping, gregarious team boss with the infectious ‘can do’ attitude will be testing all his negotiating skills this month and next.
    • I don't mean to say that Americans are a nation of superficial, backslapping enjoyers and happy-makers, as opposed to our suffering Slavic souls.
    • Expecting rave reviews and backslapping verification, he invited two dozen training experts to stop by in November to become test subjects.
    • He's a natural salesman, whose secret weapon is the sheer confidence and optimism that he exudes rather than backslapping bonhomie.