Translation of backslide in Spanish:


recaer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈbækslaɪd/ /ˈbakslʌɪd/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    • In 1936 a system of ‘protection and supervision’ centres was established to keep converts from backsliding.
    • He falls from grace, backsliding all the way to the starting line.
    • And so we have shattered expectations, disgust at backsliding, abhorrence at the betrayal of the values we hold dear, and a hefty dose of fear - because if the US can backslide, how safe are the rest of us?
    • It's clear from briefings we have received that Lake Erie has been backsliding and is being polluted again…
    • I'm starting to frighten myself, because I'm backsliding into my devil-may-care attitude.
    • Unlike the rest of the world, it failed to connect to the reality that if the US was backsliding economically, then the rest of the global economy would suffer a similar fate.
    • Pardon me; I've been backsliding ever since my therapist died.
    • But they'll suffer more permanent political damage if they look like they're backsliding on their antiwar views.
    • In fact, one point of religion for many people is to provide pressure that keeps them from backsliding into sinful ways.
    • So we're not backsliding on any of that, in answer to your question.
    • But then he backslides into the life, re-entering the Web porn business with a partner on a new site featuring himself and ‘other boys he helped recruit.’
    • The shoes will still be there if the world disappointingly backslides behind old battlelines.
    • You've got to monitor it and make sure nobody backslides.
    • I think that the fact they get a grand jury in there, they memorialize the people's testimony so that they can't backslide, they can't say, no, I didn't say that, they can't equivocate.
    • This means that schools that have improved enough to sustain success levels beyond three years will no longer need the funding, and should they then backslide, they'll again be eligible for help.
    • Whenever I read this Psalm of David, which is quite often, it reminds me what it would be like to backslide, and I pray that that never happens.
    • Some days I would backslide, and I'd still have anger, and I would just read the list.
    • We say stand firm with the purpose and the mission and to hell with all those who may wish, for whatever reason, to backslide.
    • It is only natural for such a people to backslide back to nepotism and dictatorship when the reigns are handed over.
    • Only hope I don't backslide when I go to Grenada next weekend for a month or so.