Translation of backspace in Spanish:


tecla de retroceso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌspeɪs/ /ˈbakspeɪs/


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    tecla de retroceso feminine
    • I've been digging through pictures cursing myself for not documenting my work better, typing the details from my notes then suddenly, I broke the backspace key on my computer.
    • I tapped on the keyboard, pressing the backspace key much more frequent than the other keys.
    • The backspace and the delete keys don't work on my computer right now because my sister spilled honey all over it.
    • There is a ‘home’ and a ‘backspace’ key but no ‘cancel’, the cancel function being tackled by the backspace key when appropriate.
    • Right, can you select it, then press backspace?
    • Alright, Sir, do you know where the backspace key is?
    • The ‘Home’ and ‘End’ keys are placed right above the backspace key instead of the usual position above the arrow keys.
    • Elsewhere, competitors learned they if they answered incorrectly they could press backspace and re-answer questions without any scoring penalty.
    • As you can see, the keyboard adopts the older ‘small enter key’ layout, in which the backslash is positioned below backspace and above the enter key instead of being flanked by the equal key and backspace.
    • I accidentally hit the tiny delete key instead of backspace.
    • Trouble is, now a couple of my keys are not working so well - probably just misaligned, but my backspace, and my enter and delete and arrow keys don't want to work.
    • I don't really know if it was worth sharing, and I'm actually sort of regretting it right now, but my backspace key is broken, so whatever I type is staying in the article.
    • Other times, I swear the hit the backspace key in a ratio of 2: 1.
    • Yesterday evening Abi lost a bunch of stuff she'd been typing in because she pressed the backspace key when the focus was outside of the editing text box.
    • I couldn't keep track of how often I pressed my backspace key or how often I deleted entire sentences and paragraphs because I knew whatever I wanted to say - it just had to be right.
    • There is no backspace key in real life, but I am always reaching for one - I get half way through a sentence and then realise that it should have started somewhere else if it is to go where I suddenly realise it wants to.
    • All of this wasted space could be put to much better use: dedicated home, end, page up, page down keys; a bigger spacebar and shift, return, and backspace keys.

intransitive verb

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    (al escribir a máquina) retroceder un espacio