Translation of backstreet in Spanish:


clandestino, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækstrit/ /ˈbakstriːt/

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    (abortion) (before noun) clandestino
    (abortion) (before noun) ilegal
    the backstreets los barrios pobres
    • a kid from the backstreets un chico de origen humilde
    • However the use of illegal backstreet operations to remove the tumours is being slammed by the local authorities.
    • Unemployment at 70% is exacerbating poverty, prostitution, backstreet abortion and honour killing.
    • And some women died from backstreet abortions.
    • Some of the desperate women who opted for backstreet abortions often had to have their uteruses surgically removed because of resulting massive infection.
    • Risky - and often fatal - backstreet abortions continue to be the only alternative for some.
    • She would scrap it and have us return to the old days of backstreet abortions and unwanted pregnancies for young girls.
    • Women in Ireland don't have to resort to backstreet abortions because they can get on a plane and fly to England.
    • When people in the North repeatedly turn out to vote for sectarian demagoguery and backstreet thuggery above all available normal democratic alternatives, then they have not delivered a verdict which needs to be respected.
    • If abortion was illegal, many women would be forced to have abortions from unqualified physicians in backstreet clinics, risking their own health.
    • They were extraordinary, skating without helmets or knee pads, invading empty swimming pools like backstreet bandits, brave and single-minded and uniquely talented.
    • But having said that, it's also implicit in the film that backstreet abortionists cannot be a good thing.
    • Some twenty backstreet factories also processed large quantities of opium, which was then one of British Columbia's largest industries.
    • This has led to an increase in backstreet circumcisions.
    • Not that the landed gentry would be caught dead with a Bristol glass full of backstreet gin on their persons.
    • People are forced to go to backstreet butchers if they are not being provided with the services they need.
    • A fighting fund of more than £100,000 has been spent to buy back spare tickets and keep them from the backstreet hustlers, whom many blame for pricing ordinary spectators out of leading sports venues.
    • You may even need to see that old bogeyman who should be long gone in Shanghai - the backstreet money changer.
    • Lust was the thing that caused men to risk their jobs and families for a tawdry backstreet encounter, it's the thing that costs politicians their careers.
    • The basic game will see you set up your own backstreet clinic, and people will come to you with their ailments, hoping that you will perform a set of miracles.