Traducción de backup light en Español:

backup light

luz de marcha atrás, n.


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    luz de marcha atrás femenino
    faro de reversa masculino Colombia, México
    • The stacked taillamps are vertical in orientation; there is a clear acrylic and polycarbonate lens covering three individual lamps: the top is a clear backup light; the middle is an amber turn signal; the bottom is the red stop lamp.
    • The white backup light will likely remain separate to keep cost and complexity in check.
    • It was extremely dark and if it wasn't for the little light coming from the backup light it would be unbearable to see anything.
    • He put it in reverse and our backup lights were almost as bright as our headlights and he started again, ‘It's going to see us leaving!’
    • Two small grommet ‘marker’ lights in the bumper corner wraps also go on when the backup lights are on.
    • He also likes the four factory-harnessed backup lights because they allow him to back up at off-road sites in the middle of the night.
    • Then backup lights shone like two eyes as the semi backed up to within twenty yards.
    • I was in the passenger's seat pounding against the glass while I saw his backup lights come right at me.
    • I saw his backup lights but when he paused I thought he'd seen me.
    • Anyway I went to work on the right tail light as two of the brake lights were out and the backup light was out.