Translation of backward in Spanish:


hacia atrás, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbækwərd/ /ˈbakwəd/


  • 1

    (movement/somersault) hacia atrás
    without so much as a backward glance sin ni siquiera una mirada atrás
    • that would be a backward step eso sería un paso atrás
    • The real giveaway is the female's hidden pouch, albeit backward opening, for rearing its young.
    • Alvin slapped the door shut behind him with a backward scrape of his heel, to muffle the shouting from the neighbors, and sidled along the wall away from her.
    • The fur naps to the rear, thus sliding forward and resisting backward movement.
    • The skies have not fallen, constitutions remain intact, the franc and the mark have passed unmourned into history and euroland has carried on about its business with scarcely a backward glance.
    • A dogfight was not exactly what he signed up for when he put his famous name to a two-year contract in the summer but he has adjusted his sights accordingly and has no time for any backward glances.
    • Few successful players can omit the backward movement.
    • He took it and disappeared without a backward glance.
    • This latest backward glance is more lonely lunchtime housewife than supper-club romance or hell-of-a-day blues.
    • The moment the interview finished, Cameron marched briskly away to his next appointment, with not even a backward glance at his rival.
    • The book gives us a backward glance of Ballaghaderreen; it is the touching for a moment of the familiar places of the town.
    • What normal twenty-year old rushed home straight after classes, without a backward glance?
    • Then off they go, with barely a backward glance, never to return.
    • Many believe it's simply a matter of walking out, and slamming the door without a backward glance.
    • We are shown images of bees, signifying the backward movement of trying to escape one's destiny.
    • This backward movement shortens (and thus reduces the tension of) the spring, permitting the box once again to ride the belt.
    • Consider practicing lateral and backward movements while drawing smoothly and shooting quickly yet carefully from full concealment.
    • After about 3 weeks Mercury ceases its backward movement and, on reversing its direction again, once more slows down and appears to halt before moving back in a direct motion.
    • The other three boys left without a backward glance and I attempted to do the same but as we arrived at the edge of the woods, I looked quickly over to where we had left Gregory.
    • Hazarding a backward glance since her escape, Andrea forced a bit more speed into her getaway when she realised that he was catching up with her.
    • Without a backward glance, she closed the French doors and unhooked the sash that held the heavy drapes that covered the white lace sheers.
  • 2dated, offensive

    (child) retrasado dated, offensive
    • The Scandinavian monarchies were transformed from poor and rather backward societies into prosperous agricultural democracies.
    • A progressive president and a backward parliament rarely go well together.
    • The first one suggests that the backward economies can make rapid progress by imitating the leaders.
    • Rural poverty and backward agriculture will have to be tackled with, among other things, irrigation, power, communications and education.
    • Given the extremely backward state of Polish agriculture, its small farming businesses are expected to die like flies.
    • For example, you have in Mexico, poor people who are agriculturally backward.
    • Life Institute of Technical Education is an advanced technical institute for physically challenged and economically backward persons.
    • His volunteers used to visit each and every house to collect rice and other things just to give solace to the economically and socially backward persons.
    • Let all those who plundered money in the name of running banks give loans to those economically backward people.
    • It has often been seen that the people when they are economically backward, tend to lean on irrational habits and rituals to find some relief or an easy way out.
    • Hailing from economically backward families, a steady source of income has immensely boosted the confidence levels of these women.
    • Club members say that many of the children from the economically backward families were registered with the club.
    • As part of its social service, the college has decided to induct 15 students from economically backward families and impart free education to them from this year.
    • The programme stands out from the usual Government programmes of supporting the educational needs of the socially backward students by its very approach.
    • They are educationally backward so they cannot afford higher professional education, which is growing more and more costly.
    • So higher education is denied to the economically backward students.
    • Chess is renowned for producing eccentric and socially backward individuals.
    • Can we say she is ideologically backward or that she has backtracked to the status of household slave?
    • I would like to bring to your kind notice the fact that in spite of being industrially backward, it has always been a great center of learning.
    • Yet they remain educationally backward and are economically lagging far behind the others.
  • 3

    (nation/community) atrasado
  • 4

    she's/he's not exactly backward in coming forward es muy echada/echado p'alante informal


  • 1

    (toward rear)
    hacia atrás
  • 2

    (back first)
    (run/walk) hacia atrás
  • 3

    (back to front, in reverse order)
    al revés
    you've done it all backward lo has hecho todo al revés
    • you've put your sweater on backward te has puesto el suéter al revés