Translation of backward-looking in Spanish:


retrógrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbækwərdˌlʊkɪŋ/


  • 1

    • The irony of such estrangement from modernism is that it is as rooted in the ‘Western tradition’ as modernism itself - but only in its more reactionary and backward-looking strands.
    • But as a whole, this anachronistic, backward-looking, visibly old-fashioned party needs a fundamental renewal before it is fit to govern again.
    • He was old-fashioned, backward-looking, scared of change and progress.
    • I always thought that the position labor took on the trade bill was backward-looking, it was reactionary, and now they're paying a price for their own rhetoric.
    • Reactionary, backward-looking politics has been reform blocker number one.
    • But she also criticised backward-looking attitudes of some local producers who refused to share know-how with each other.
    • In this, the prioritisation is not about providing the foundation for confident future actions, but expresses a kind of backward-looking insecurity about past transactions.
    • If the Government is reduced to grubbing the votes of its most backward-looking, antediluvian backbenchers, then what is it in office for?
    • It's not that they're filled with reactionary, backward-looking people (okay, there may be a few exceptions).
    • His attitude is somewhat old-fashioned and backward-looking.
    • Every conservationist is in danger of being labelled reactionary, a stick-in-the-mud, backward-looking.
    • And it is fair to surmise that underlying each of these assaults are some very backward-looking and misogynistic beliefs.
    • But in at least one sphere, the country remains stubbornly backward-looking: environmental conservation.
    • His was a profoundly backward-looking reaction, based on a rural idyll that never existed - feudalism lite.
    • Yet it contained backward-looking, and even antiquarian, impulses too.
    • They were both conservative, backward-looking, and opposed to technological change.
    • We are thus confronted with the paradox that the devastation caused by backward-looking madmen will lead to a homage to the past.
    • While there is evidence to support this upbeat view, much of it is backward-looking, and it is remarkably free of that three-letter word now dominating stock market and investor sentiment: oil.
    • You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a more backward-looking, wasteful and self-defeating energy ‘plan’ than this one.
    • Applied to almost anything spriggy and floral, it supposedly encapsulated everything that is fussy and backward-looking about British style.