Translation of backwardness in Spanish:


atraso, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækwərdnəs/ /ˈbakwədnəs/


  • 1

    (of country, region)
    atraso masculine
    • Her backwardness threatened to prevent his acceptance in wider social circles.
    • They belong to the portion of society still doomed to backwardness.
    • European conquest and the rights of indigenous peoples exemplify the moral backwardness of international society.
    • An auxiliary theme is the conflict between city and countryside, backwardness and development, tradition and modernity.
    • Its socioeconomic backwardness does not provide a satisfactory answer.
    • Why does social backwardness achieve such success?
    • The impetus and content of gangster rap may have originated in the desperation and backwardness of the inner-city population.
    • The filmmaker seems too prone to adapt herself to backwardness.
    • This "hard-hitting" talk is simply an apology for ignorance and backwardness.
  • 2

    retraso masculine
  • 3

    (shyness, reluctance)
    reticencia feminine