Translation of backwards in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈbækwərdz/ /ˈbakwədz/


mainly British
  • 1

    • I started stepping backwards in the direction of the doors.
    • I snarled and she took a step backwards, glancing at the naked blade in my hands.
    • Devon's eyes widened in surprise at my sudden movements, and stumbled backwards when he caught me.
    • He rocked forwards but when he tried to regain his balance he over done the movement and fell backwards.
    • Faith pulled Ben backwards as his movements became jerky and desperate.
    • The sudden movement sent me reeling backwards into a cabinet door, effectively knocking the wind out of me.
    • He pushed the chair backwards with his sudden movement, producing a very loud noise.
    • Ushered to the sides, fans glance backwards and, catching sight of the Welsh players, clap and cheer.
    • It is quite hard, however, to write about the one without a nervous glance backwards at the other.
    • He was wearing dark clothing and had no cycle lights, and was hit by the police car as he glanced backwards.
    • She turned and glanced backwards, finding that the pair had stopped squabbling and were then noticing the company.
    • Feeling there was something behind him, he glanced backwards and saw that he was being followed by a gigantic black figure.
    • I glanced backwards, even though it was impossible for anyone in the back to hear anything of what was being said.
    • I nodded and left the room, with a worried glance backwards at the woman who was still sitting on the couch, looking so miserable and helpless.
    • Irene glanced backwards and saw that there was no man there.
    • Lex shot him a glance and scampered backwards, stumbling over Clark.
    • Ignatious began to roll his chair backwards, towards the door.
    • I sort of guessed something was wrong when I parked on a steep hill, put the handbrake full on and promptly rolled backwards.
    • As I rolled backwards into the warm waters I was surprised to the point of grunting in contentment.
    • Rob ran backwards towards the river, trying to beat it about the head with the remaining 18 inches of stick.