Translation of backwash in Spanish:


estela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌwɔʃ/ /ˈbækˌwɑʃ/ /ˈbakwɒʃ/


  • 1

    estela feminine
    the backwash of the coup las secuelas / las repercusiones del golpe
    • The challenges facing not only this country, but the world, in the backwash of these events require more than parliamentary parrots squawking on their publicly funded perch.
    • Many responses contained wit born of desperation amid the backwash created by foot and mouth, BSE and the collapse of tourism.
    • Gay bookstores are caught in the backwash of an overwhelming tide of commercial consolidation that is swamping most small enterprises, gay and straight.
    • The emerging issue though, is ensuring some of those already held are not lost in the post-Tampa backwash.
    • At the same time he recognizes the commonalities among ethnic groups whose villages straddled national borders and who suffered in the backwash of war.
    • This is the backwash from the crisis that began in Asia in 1998, has swamped Argentina and is now spreading right across South America.
    • Then the country was hit by the backwash of a financial crisis that began in Thailand, on the opposite side of the globe.
    • The backwash from the affair has spooked investors, concerned that more US corporations may have used flattering accounting methods to overstate their historic profitability.
    • Equity markets - still being fed historic corporate earnings figures and still spooked by the backwash from that affair - remain adrift, unable to find any sustained sense of direction.
    • Part of the backwash, or blowback as the CIA calls it, of globalization is that cultures and regions around the world have rediscovered their own cultural resources.
    • The figures were seen as a most definite sign yet that the Irish economy was being caught in the backwash of the US slowdown and that Irish growth rates were under severe pressure.
    • The American newspaper industry is gripped by circulation scandals, and I should not be greatly surprised if the backwash hits Australia.
    • And I'd be surprised if some of the backwash of that hasn't carried into the international arena.
    • These arguments reflect the backwash of the decline in the UK's fortune in the immediate postwar world.