Translation of backwoods in Spanish:


provinciano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbækˌwʊdz/ /ˈbakwʊdz/

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plural noun

  • 1

    (politician/university/town) (before noun) provinciano
    the backwoods el campo
    • This region is not the backwoods our party leadership seems to think it is.
    • Toss in a taste of backwoods twang and that's some fine vittles.
    • Pundits have long pondered the contradictions inherent in a vice-prez whose life contains both an out-and-proud lesbian daughter, and a backwoods redneck doofus boss.
    • Whatever happens, he will have discovered one thing above all else: that the wonderful thing about America is that in truth any backwoods child can grow up to be President.
    • Cleared of murdering their parents, these backwoods boys are looking forward to the return of their sister, Naomi.
    • You need to cultivate an actual normal relationship with a woman for the first time in your backwoods life.
    • But few realistically imagine a bunch of backwoods rednecks pulled off something like this.
    • Elvis was an uneducated, backwoods boy with a big, big voice and comically bad taste.
    • But the beard did itch and make me look older and also make me look like a backwoods hick.
    • Academic departments like the one referenced in this post are the intellectual equivalent of a very small community in a hillbilly backwoods holler - in desperate need of an infusion of fresh genetic material.
    • ‘We have a choice whether to remain in the backwoods, or become part of the wider progressive movement which will ultimately represent our interests,’ he said.
    • Songs sprinkled with references to selling the farm and moving to Baltimore, or seeing out one's days in the Mississippi backwoods, may not seem much closer to home, but they seemed far less exotic and esoteric.
    • At a recent London show, armed with no more than a backwoods beard, an acoustic guitar and an amazing voice, he silenced a room full of gabby, gossipy music-biz types, which is no mean feat.
    • Another point: this has happened exactly where you might have expected it, neither in the big city nor in the dirt-poor backwoods, but in the zone of transition between the two.
    • With our unrefined ways and backwoods Malayali attire, we would sit coyly, yet smugly, as the juke-box sang at our command.
    • I'm guessing proponents of creationism were eager to shed this image of backwoods ignorance opponents tend to associate with their theories, and leaped to embrace this new spin.
    • She was the least savant of the group, according to her tattered footwear, and her lackey hair job tailed the backwoods hillbilly aura about her.
    • Why is it aliens only abduct backwoods yahoos who have jobs like cutting down trees and live in broken-down trailer parks?
    • The characters and monsters are very plain, unappealing folk, partially because they suffer from the drab backwoods fashion of the late 1800s, partially because of their lack of detail.
    • Sending a triumvirate of trained pollsters and media men into the bumpkin's backwoods barrio, he hopes to help the honky-tonk hick win more than his fair share of the illiterate Appalachian vote.