Translation of bad in Spanish:


malo, adj.

Pronunciation /bæd/ /bad/

adjective worse, worst

  • 1

    • 1.1(of poor quality)

      her handwriting is bad tiene mala letra
      • he's a bad liar no sabe mentir
      • that wouldn't be a bad idea no es mala idea
      • More big fish are lost through bad knots or poor quality crimping than for any other reason.
      • There were a lot of bad websites at one point where the loading was bad, quality of images were poor and the interface was clumsy.
      • The poor living conditions, bad diet, lack of exercise and now being alone have all taken their toll.
      • The film's incredibly bad storyline was only surpassed by the poor acting.
      • All share some of the ailments of old age, including poor memories, fading eyesight and bad hearing.
      • The problem now is that the generators in many areas are starting to break down due to constant use and the bad quality of the fuel.
      • Complain about their bad grammar or poor choice of headlines or biased editorials.
      • The sound quality was so bad that it had to be lowered as the Dolby sorround was not working properly
      • This leads me to the question who is responsible for such bad quality design and materials and who pays for it?
      • Who wants stuff of doubtful or bad quality, even if it's given for half the price?
      • The old building was criticised for poor condition, bad layout and having too few interview rooms.
      • Because of the bad quality of the bank video, it is not clear exactly what happened.
      • It also criticised the windows' poor design as a bad example to other developers.
      • International standards identify bad loans as those without servicing for three months.
      • The dialogue is even more aimless, the image quality is bad, and the acting is not up to par.
      • He will also witness bad pass after poor tackle and some woeful marking.
      • Poor decision making, bad handling and lack of enterprise ensured their efforts came to nothing.
      • Poor or bad management covers a multitude of sins that could include all of the above and more.
      • Although ground water here is abundant, it is of such bad quality that it is considered a health risk.
      • In many ways there are so many bad films, and the blame actually goes to the audience because that's what they want.

    • 1.2(unreliable, incompetent)

      to be bad at sth/-ing ser malo para algo/+ inf

      • I'm bad at names/remembering dates
      to be bad about -ing
      • he's bad about returning things he's borrowed
      to be bad on sth
      • I'm bad on punctuation
      • Yes, I do think that sometimes philosophers are very bad at it, because they don't think about it.
      • Now, having said all that, it still has to be said that Dawn is pretty bad at fantasy football.
      • I'm not sure why humans are so bad at planning for the future, especially for those things we can predict.
      • Fathers are seen as particularly bad at communicating with their children and getting involved with their lives.
      • It all seems so cruel that I should be so bad at parenting yet have such an easy time conceiving.
      • So, being bad at golf actually burns up more calories than being good at it.
      • It goes to show that you can be good at oratory but bad at leading.
      • My criticism is that most publishers are very bad at making a profit.
      • I have shaky hands and weak wrists, and am very bad at carrying drinks and plates.
      • Why are women so good at working collaboratively and men so bad at it?
      • I'm actually really bad at condensing peoples names to just one or two characters.
      • There will also be a session on how to start a sex magazine and another on why the British are so bad at pornography.
      • I'm also really very bad at choosing music to play for other people.
      • The logic goes that the people will vote out someone who is bad at the job.
      • The two were both horribly bad at the game, but had had fun laughing and poking fun at each other about it.
      • Well, being very bad at accepting any kind of compliment, I will just shuffle my feet a bit here.
      • They happen to be really bad at managing their bugs, and not providing fixes on time, but that's another issue.
      • Instead they are labelled as bad at maths or stupid when, in fact, what they have is really no more than number blindness.
      • I wondered when I'd become so bad at articulating any kind of helpful advice.
      • How does being good or bad at sport when you're a child affect you as an adult?

  • 2

    • 2.1(unpleasant)

      (weather/experience/news) malo
      I've had a bad day he tenido (un) mal día
      • it tastes/smells bad sabe/huele mal
      • I went out to the deck, hoping even with the bad weather that I could train a bit.
      • Even the TV had the grace to allow a bad weather news day to take precedence.
      • In the days before the wireless, he was trained to bear news of imminent bad weather from island to island.
      • And my father was not to accept excuses about the strokes of bad luck or the bad weather.
      • A local farmer praised milk tanker drivers for their perseverance during the awful spate of bad weather.
      • I was hoping it was a bad dream or at best a hallucination from a midnight toilet break.
      • I still wake up and look over the bed and hope it's a bad dream and he'll be lying there next to me.
      • The forecast for the rest of the week looks pretty grim and the bad weather looks like staying with us.
      • He tells her that he almost hopes something bad would happen to her so that he could save her at any cost.
      • I was determined to ride out the bad times in hope that the good times were still to come.
      • Pacifism is absolutely not about shutting your eyes and hoping all the bad things will go away.
      • Unfortunately, we had a lot of bad weather recently and an extraordinary amount of games were called off.
      • I don't want to do anything today and if the weather's bad, I'll say what an awful day.
      • Quake victims grab what they can in aid, while bad weather slows down the relief.
      • Local fishermen are counting the cost of bad weather but, hopefully, can return to work early this week.
      • But the news from Ireland was bad: trustworthy tenants were thin on the ground.
      • Over the last two years, the news has been uniformly bad, with every club in the SPL forced to downturn its finances.
      • I feel I'm on a roller-coaster at the moment - first good news then bad as things go right and then oh so wrong.
      • Sitting in his Hong Kong office, he reports that there is good news and bad.
      • The good news (or bad, depending on how you look at it) is that I'm not the only one who feels this way.

    • 2.2(unsatisfactory)

      you've come at a bad moment vienes en (un) mal momento
      • it's been a bad year for wine/the tourist industry ha sido un mal año de vinos/para el turismo
      • it was bad that nobody visited her estuvo muy mal que no fuera nadie a verla

    • 2.3(harmful)

      to be bad for sb/sth
      • too much food is bad for you
      • smoking is bad for your health
      • Whether it is good for you or not, I would contend that all food can be good for you or it can be bad for you.
      • Some flower beds and tubs have been planted up but the weather has been to bad for painting.
      • If I did not know better, I would have to say that running is bad for you, with both of us seriously ill.
      • But it is possible that you dislike a thing which is good for you, and like a thing which is bad for you.
      • So let's not get fooled by our astrologer pals who claim one number or another is bad for us.
      • It was bad for Sri Lanka, but not catastrophic if they can win at least one more game.
      • I know it's bad for me, that I should be doing stuff, any stuff just so long as I keep active.
      • The doctors do not say that all exercise is bad for you: they even recommend a little walking.
      • It's about a very contemporary cultural superstition that love is actually bad for you.
      • We are all told that to eat a healthy diet we need to cut down on sweets and sweet foods, however not all sweets are bad for you.
      • To be fair, not all of the legislation brought in by the Scottish Parliament is bad for business.
      • If that does not happen, it will be bad for him, worse still for Britain, and even worse for the world.
      • That said, stories like this are bad for the sport, and that affects all of us.
      • In plain English, smoking looks bad, smells bad, and is just downright bad for you.
      • I doubt anything much can be done to stop the recession and this will be bad for IT spending.
      • But the fact that being a man is bad for you may also have much to do with men's attitude to health.
      • It is essentially a conceptual war, confusing for pundits and bad for television.
      • Is spending too much time online really bad for you because you miss out on personal interaction?
      • Christmas shopping could be bad for your health, a top physiotherapist has warned.
      • Marriage as it stands is good for children, good for husbands and bad for wives.

  • 3

    • 3.1(impolite)

      (behavior/manners) malo
      a bad word una palabrota
      • bad boy/girl! don't do that! ¡no hagas eso! ¡malo/mala!
      • Teachers also noticed a reduction in criminal and bad behaviour.
      • What happens when one's bad behaviour is considered as usual and is no longer condemned or even commented on?
      • The general level of ignorance on what is good or bad behaviour is compounded by the idealisation of childhood.
      • Three prison officers gave evidence yesterday about the penalties for reporting bad behaviour by colleagues.
      • Young footballers who copy the bad behaviour of their professional heroes are receiving adult-size bans.
      • Rather than letting prisoners out early for good behaviour, it might be more sensible to keep them in longer for bad behaviour.
      • With the bad attitude comes the bad behaviour the tabloids love.
      • However, the hawks would say that's just giving in to blackmail, rewarding bad behaviour.
      • This New York circus duo have been a hit off-Broadway with their brand of vaudeville, kitsch and bad behaviour.
      • Now they are calling for a public meeting with police to try and tackle the issues of bad behaviour before the project gets into full swing.
      • It shouldn't be just up to the police to deal with bad behaviour.
      • Despite its official backing the book pulls no punches and includes tales of the singer's bullying and bad behaviour.
      • Ben informs us that his good grades are like a licence for bad behaviour.
      • But bad behaviour is on the increase since the town council replaced the benches last month, they said.
      • Teachers in Hull will be quizzed about their pupils' bad behaviour in a survey into classroom violence.
      • What enrages you now is not last night's bad behaviour but a lifetime of bad behaviour and the marriage is over.
      • We turn our backs on the fact that bad behavior sells seats and bad behavior begets more of the same.
      • She wins her over with headstrong antics, while she goes about being a bad little rich girl.
      • Here she tells her about her real self and why she likes being bad on screen
      • Not all young people are bad, but there seems to be a growing number of them with a lack of respect for anything or anyone.
      • She has even invented a mechanical parrot that speaks bad French.
      • They were swearing at me as I laid on the floor, with very bad words.
      • Speak very bad words to him in the 90 minutes and, after that, say you're sorry.
      • You should have seen the tantrum I threw, banging the floor with my fist and saying bad words.
      • People these days are so caught up in work that leisure is a bad word in their vocabulary.
      • That's right, not only do they have a new CD out, they actually say bad words on this album.
      • I believed that if I got a cold sore or bit my tongue, it was a punishment for lying or saying a bad word.
      • He stood and thought how he could get it down; he tried long plastic piping, ladders and bad words.
      • Well there were bad words said, of that there is no doubt but I think the happy couple is back on speaking terms.
      • Some youngsters even ask adults for cigarettes on the streets and spit out bad words at them if rejected.
      • He went to Trinidad to do a show and when he was performing, let loose a stream of bad words.

    • 3.2(evil)

      (person) malo
      anyone who likes children can't be all bad si le gustan los niños no puede ser tan malo

  • 4

    (mistake/injury) grave
    (headache) fuerte
    he has a bad cough tiene mucha tos
    • a boy with bad acne/a bad stammer un chico con mucho acné/que tartamudea mucho
    • The water was a bit soapy and although she never got pregnant, she had some really bad aches and pains for weeks after that.
    • At 12.47 a call is received from a patient recently discharged from hospital after a hip operation and now in very bad pain.
    • He visited his doctor who sent him home and when he phoned later that afternoon his chest pains were still bad so an ambulance was called.
    • The pain was so bad that you told me that you were going to go to the hospital.
    • The dumbest thing is that the pain isn't bad enough to make me feel like I should stay home.
    • The former factory worker has now given up work because the pain is so bad that sometimes she cannot walk.
    • Migraines can cause very bad pain that can get in the way of your normal routine.
    • My vision is affected and the pain is so bad that I can't do anything until it goes away.
    • I had chests pains, a very bad headache and my eyes were sore and bloodshot.
    • The best way to describe the pain in my hands and feet is during the morning, it is like a bad toothache.
    • Anyone who has ever suffered a bad toothache or a broken tooth, will know that emergency treatment is a must.
    • Beijing was bidding to bring the world's finest athletes to a city with very bad air pollution.
    • As for pollution, when you sit in traffic in Lancaster with all the heavy goods vehicles the pollution is very bad.
    • You know I think there are really bad problems with pollution in Johannesburg.
    • Light pollution is so bad that many people in this country can no longer see the stars, research showed yesterday.
    • Imagine having air forced into your lungs when you have a bad chest infection?
    • It wasn't a bad wound, just painful, and he would need to rest for several more days.
    • The wagon overturned and Clyde took a bad spill, injuring one of his legs.
    • I still have a bad cough as my body rids itself of sickness, but my head feels good.
    • The first seemed more likely, and all the muscles in my body tensed for a bad blow.
  • 5

    (egg/fish/fruit) podrido
    to go bad echarse a perder
    • You can't get much sleep; and the kids are throwing up because the food is bad.
    • The stray dogs may be hungrier, but I don't think they ever ate that bad rice.
    • Many feared that if the food went bad and somebody became ill that they would be liable and could be sued.
    • The next morning, things got worse as half of our food went bad.
    • Second, if fruit went bad during shipment, the wrappers offered some way of containing the spoilage.
  • 6

    she's got a bad leg está mal de la pierna
    • this is my bad leg esta es mi pierna mala
    • I've got a bad tooth tengo un diente cariado/una muela cariada
  • 7

    to feel bad about sth
  • 8

    (check) sin fondos
    • He relies on the telephone and on an eye trained by expensive experience to ferret out bad checks.
    • The geeks will not inherit the earth: They spend too much time watching movies and checking for bad physics.
    • One of my earlier cases was investigating a bad cheque that had been passed at a local merchant.
    • He suffered money problems and was arrested for passing a bad cheque and other financial charges.
    • He financed his activities by cashing millions of dollars in bad checks.
    • He had already suffered the loss when he received the bad cheque from her.
    • They may steal, write bad checks or commit illegal activities to finance their habit.
    • They said my Child was clean but because there were bad checks written there was going to be a trial.
    • However bad or good these checks are depends on the publication, but they are there.
    • After a couple of traffic offense cases and a few bad check writers were dealt with, he married us.
    • The bank has been dogged by bad real estate loans since it was formed by the merger of two Munich-based banks in 1998.
    • Passing a bad check is a felony.


  • 1

    all the bad that he's done todo el mal que ha hecho
    • there's good and bad in everybody todos tenemos cosas buenas y malas
    • she always looks for the bad in any situation siempre ve el lado malo de todo
  • 2

    the bad los malos


  • 1

    to need sth real bad necesitar algo desesperadamente
    • if you want it bad enough si de verdad lo quieres
    • he's been hurt bad le han hecho mucho daño
    • I tell you, if we start to win again, I want to beat them real bad this time.
    • No matter how bad I threw the ball, it was still going to knock down at least one pin.
    • It would be disrespectful of me to talk bad of her on a forum that everybody can read.
    • Papa wanted to strap on one of those gliders and run off that hill so bad he could taste it.
    • I must have hurt her real bad without realising it.
    • I fancy her real bad!
    • I have a problem using your templates, and I want them real bad.