Translation of bad blood in Spanish:

bad blood

resentimiento, n.


  • 1

    resentimiento masculine
    animosidad feminine
    there was bad blood between them after their argument quedaron resentidos a raíz de la discusión
    • There has been so much bad blood in my family, but I just thought ‘I am not going to get involved in that’ so I hugged him.
    • There was bad blood there already - little John and Peter had been feuding since their first year of school - and pretty soon a turf war broke out.
    • There's a lot of bad blood - there's a lot of bad blood on both sides and it hasn't dissipated.
    • The bad blood created by the disposition of this election will not disappear quickly.
    • There are 20 years of bad blood between these teams and a rivalry between the managers.
    • This bad blood between friends is what made the dispute so bitter.
    • James, you're probably aware that there is a bit of bad blood between the Spanish and the Australian tennis teams.
    • It does cause upset and sometimes a bit of bad blood.
    • There is also exposition of an affair Lou had years ago, which has led to bad blood between him and Phil that continues into the present.
    • Even if there wasn't such bad blood, all the occupiers get attacked.
    • The delay in the project take-off has caused considerable bad blood between the IT industry and the state government.
    • If there was really any bad blood left though, I wouldn't have been there.
    • There is, he says, absolutely no bad blood between them.
    • There's no fighting, no bad blood or anything like that.
    • This created some bad blood between the parties involved which came to a head at a public meeting held in November 2001.
    • The bad blood between these two countries makes the Scots' attitude towards our English cousins look positively benevolent.
    • That solution would cause the least amount of bad blood, an amount that could certainly be compensated for somehow.
    • In any case, the damage has been done, and the commission has created considerable bad blood.
    • The main protagonists in this story share bad blood going back years.
    • There is just too much bad blood, and too many vested interests, at play.