Translation of baffling in Spanish:


desconcertante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbæf(ə)lɪŋ/ /ˈbaf(ə)lɪŋ/


  • 1

    • Why he would go to such extraordinary lengths is baffling.
    • Talking to someone who doesn't give you her full attention is rather baffling.
    • How a state could enforce such mind-bogglingly stupid policies is baffling.
    • The referee whistles for a goal-kick, which is rather baffling.
    • Occasionally, however, the movie connection is just baffling.
    • The decision to go on with the game was baffling.
    • There is nothing baffling about its language at all.
    • The most baffling aspect of the season has been the collapse of the defense.
    • An equally baffling fire broke out last week in Fayetteville, Missouri.
    • This may explain something of the bond which was otherwise baffling to their acquaintances.
    • At first glance, this state of affairs is baffling.
    • Indeed what is baffling is that they don't share the same level of success overseas.
    • The hitherto baffling puzzles can now be solved.
    • Make no mistake: the world of investment is vast and baffling.
    • The theater was designed without either front hanging points (for lights and sound equipment) or built-in ceiling lights, which is baffling.
    • The tax system was described as "arbitrary" and the relationship between estate annual values and resources appeared somewhat baffling.
    • It is baffling why the Department of Defense has made this ruling.
    • There is a baffling array of ISA funds out there, offered by a vast number of investment companies.
    • His management style, his beliefs, are a baffling blend that defies categorization.
    • All I did was introduce myself, and she paid me what seemed at first like a baffling compliment.