Translation of baggage in Spanish:


equipaje, n.

Pronunciation /ˈbæɡɪdʒ/ /ˈbaɡɪdʒ/


  • 1US

    equipaje masculine
    ideological/political baggage bagaje ideológico/político
    • baggage allowance límite de equipaje
    • baggage car furgón de equipajes
    • baggage carousel cinta transportadora (de equipajes)
    • baggage cart carrito
    • baggage check-in facturación de equipaje
    • baggage checkroom sala de inspección de equipajes
    • baggage compartment compartimiento de equipaje
    • baggage hall zona de recogida de equipaje
    • baggage handling handling
    • baggage locker casilla de la consigna automática
    • baggage room consigna
    • A sheet left inside suitcase luggage or travel baggage can prevent musty odors.
    • The new powers, announced yesterday, include the authority to search personal baggage of travellers arriving from countries outside the European Union.
    • She travels with her baggage allowance of 70 pounds.
    • He plans to wean passengers off checked-in luggage over the long term, eliminating the need for baggage handling, suitcase holding areas and lost property.
    • United's baggage allowance on domestic flights does indeed limit suitcases to 50 pounds each.
    • The bus driver unloaded all suitcases and other baggage from the trunk.
    • The new regulation closes a major loophole by extending customs law to include personal baggage, typically used in the small-scale traffic of counterfeit items.
    • A policy should normally cover your belongings and baggage, but again look carefully at exclusions, excesses and ceilings on each claim.
    • The second plank of the prosecution case is forensic, with claims that drug and explosive residue was discovered on baggage belonging to the men.
    • Now under baggage handling, full luggage goes to the first floor of the airport and then comes back to the ground floor because of the lack of space.
    • Travellers are regularly being advised to ‘Keep all your personal baggage with you at all times’.
    • I have packed my bags and baggage ready to go when I can and it's soon I'll book my passage home to the Isle of Man.
    • Unbeknown to him, a poison challis was slipped into his personal baggage.
    • Carry-on baggage and luggage that is checked in will also be weighed.
    • To increase the meagre 15 kg baggage allowance to 20 kg costs an extra 15.
    • And it was written down that he would arrive at Heathrow airport in April 2001 with just a suitcase for baggage and a head filled with dreams.
    • A 30 kg baggage allowance would enable us to cart most of India's artefacts home with us.
    • Each weighs up to 20 kilograms - your baggage allowance on an economy flight.
    • The first thing on the agenda is off loading our baggage and going through customs.
    • Since the light aircraft from Christchurch to Napier can hardly lift nearly three tonnes of baggage, the luggage has to come via road after taking a lengthy detour.
  • 2informal

    bruja feminine informal
    • And he said she was a baggage to have said what she had said.
    • I always knew she was a baggage.
    • She's a baggage, and shall never see another penny of mine,--that's flat!
    • "She's a baggage, is that Rose Watson," she said, addressing a vagrant black-beetle in the kitchen which she had failed to squash, "with no more heart than a dead heifer."