Traducción de Baggie en Español:


bolsita de plástico, n.

Pronunciación /ˈbæɡi/ /ˈbaɡi/


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    (para alimentos) bolsita de plástico femenino
    • Kid's cooking feature, how to make Ice Cream in a Baggie, as featured in Fabulous Foods, the net's favorite cooking community.
    • Use the Baggie brand--it has the right thickness to allow a bit of air exchange.
    • My blocks didn't seem to fit in the gallon size zip locks I had, so I used the Baggie brand that come on a roll.
    • Is there a plastic baggie brand with a ziplock seal that i could fill with water, drop 2 stories onto cement, and have it not break?
    • Generally I place my bags in Baggie brand plastic sandwich bags.