Translation of baggy in Spanish:


ancho, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbæɡi/ /ˈbaɡi/

adjective baggier, baggiest

  • 1

    (sweater/coat/trousers) ancho
    (sweater/coat/trousers) suelto
    (sweater/coat/trousers) guango Mexico
    they're a bit baggy at the knees hacen bolsas en las rodillas
    • She changed into a pair of loose pants and a baggy shirt, perfect for hiding her feminity, little proof though there was.
    • Their Kalashnikovs lean against the wall of their hut and the warm evening breeze catches in their traditional baggy trousers and loose, belted shirts.
    • She'd usually hidden that with a loose shirt or a baggy sweater.
    • Then over that I would wear jeans and a loose baggy jumper.
    • So it's sweat pants, baggy shirt, sweater, thick socks, slippers and pony tail today.
    • Both men and women also wear a kurta, a long tunic-like shirt, and pyjamas, loose baggy trousers.
    • The standard clothing of men all over Pakistan is the salwar, loose baggy trousers, and kurta, a long shirtlike tunic.
    • She was the undisputed queen of chic when it came to hip Capri pants with a baggy jumper and a ponytail, managing to look simultaneously casual yet impeccably turned out.
    • Combat trousers and baggy shirts don't really cut it.
    • I love the way people dress - you won't see someone shopping in sweat pants or baggy sweaters here.
    • She wore baggy shirts and tight pants which only accentuated her round figure.
    • He waited in my bedroom as I slowly struggled to change into pajama pants and a baggy shirt.
    • Her baggy shirts and pants hid her fine figure, and no one paid that much attention to her.
    • She was wearing baggy black pants and a baggy shirt that had Marilyn Manson on it with mesh arm socks.
    • She always seemed to dress in less baggy clothing when she was in a good mood, though she'll never quite understand why.
    • The tight fitting black and white clothing is quite the opposite of the clowns colourful baggy trousers with braces, and giant floppy shoes.
    • I was simply a girl in a baggy shirt that reached mid-thigh and very loose pants.
    • He also said similar problems are commonplace at schools and many of his friends do not feel safe wearing baggy clothing or t-shirts bearing band logos.
    • His accomplices were white and wearing baggy clothing.
    • It looked like a veil that they were wearing and very grungy, baggy clothing.