Translation of bait in Spanish:


cebo, n.

Pronunciation /beɪt/

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  • 1

    cebo masculine
    carnada feminine
    to swallow / take the bait tragarse el cuento
    • Most are small, less than three or four feet, but occasionally a pier or jetty angler soaking a big bait hooks a fish with real shoulders.
    • The secret is to look hard for the fish and to present baits in any areas that warrant a cast.
    • Quickly and happily, I went back to the truck to grab my fishing rod and some bait.
    • The hotel caters for many avid fishers, and can store bait and fishing rods for Dave and Deirdre.
    • This week we will look at introducing bait to get the fish feeding in the right areas.
    • Of my four children, he was the one with endless patience, the one who read up on fishing techniques, different bait, hooks, lures, whatever.
    • One fish took my entire bait off the hook with no problem.
    • The advantage of using chum is that the slowly settling bits of bait can draw deep fish to the surface; this allows the astute angler to be selective.
    • The saltwater fisherman drifting a natural bait on a circle hook can free-spool several counts of line, then throw the reel in gear and point the rod at the fish.
    • This fish is commonly used for bait in the fishing industry.
    • If MCM inspectors catch anyone fishing or collecting bait or shellfish in these areas they will issue fines.
    • The exception might be near the mouth of a free-running pass, where outgoing flow might carry bait and fish from the bay into the surf.
    • The fishing in turbulent, sandy water usually is best on natural bait fished with a big rig and heavy weight near bottom.
    • This movement carries a smorgasbord of bait to schools of fish ganged in or near the cuts.
    • The possum industry would trap or use cyanide-laden bait so that the animals could be recovered and used.
    • Since when has the colour of the weights we use stopped the fish eating our bait?.
    • They took a sailfish on live fish bait suspended approximately 20 feet below the surface at 11: 10 in the morning.
    • We are more concerned here with the marine species aspect of the study which began after the Government announced that it was considering a ban on using live worms as fish bait!
    • This would be suitable for all bait fishing with dead or live baits of a reasonable size.
    • The bigger question is whether the Hispanic population is going to put up with the inevitable race baiting that underlies these periodic bash-fests.

transitive verb

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    (hook/trap) cebar
    • The size 1 hair-rigged hook was baited with two standard boilies with a pop-up on top.
    • The hook was baited with two maggots and the tackle fished a few inches over-depth.
    • Every time one of her grandkids goes fishing and baits a hook the way Grandma taught them to do, her immortality is assured.
    • The hook was baited with a little wet bread and the tackle landed on top of the very small ball of fluidised bread that I had just introduced.
    • The hook was baited with sweetcorn and I caught a last ocean-going roach at midnight for the hell of it.
    • Moving quietly into position, the hook was baited with a big chunk of meat.
    • Fishing is allowed; however, your child should not bait the hook, take the fish off the hook, or clean the fish.
    • They learn how to fish, including how to bait the hook, tie knots and rig tackle, even back up a trailer and dock a boat.
    • Michael would have to learn to bait the hooks, clean and filet the fish and pack gear when they went ashore.
    • The float was locked in position by the bulk shot, with only a number 4 shot about 1ft from the size 8 hook that was baited with a piece of flake.
    • What would it feel like to bait a hook with one of these animals, and reel in a fifty-pound largemouth?
    • Literally hundreds of millions of hooks are baited on long lines, and albatrosses have come to see fishing boats as a food source - albeit a very dangerous one.
    • We sat beneath the willows, and Cadmar dug for red worms with a little spade he took from his basket, and then both he and Gyric baited the hooks, and tied the thread lines to willow wands which Cadmar cut fresh.
    • A third apple trial was conducted during 2002 in the Moxee apple orchard to examine if oviposition could be stimulated to occur on non-bearing shoots baited with Et-E, Z-DD lures.
    • In addition, approximately 2-fold more eggs were laid in cages baited with Et-E, Z-DD lures versus with solvent-only lures in no-choice tests.
    • No eggs were deposited on non-bearing apple shoots baited with Et-E, Z-DD or the solvent control lures during the 2002 study.
    • The time to respond to requests for block baiting, which is Chicago's term for setting out baited glue-board traps for alley rats, has doubled since 2001.
    • Use a drop or two on the fingertips before baiting up.
    • Wall text explains that Joo rigged a camera inside an embalmed caribou carcass, left it in the woods baited with fresh meat and attempted to restart nature's feeding cycles.
    • Before baiting, mow the grass so more bait can reach the trails and burrows used by voles.
  • 2

    (persecute, torment)
    • My government actually has to bait people with catchy song in order to do the thing that should be a civic duty.
    • These kids are baiting me because they want to hear it from my own mouth.
    • I don't want him to see me give in to the weight of those urges because his dad has baited me.
    • In soccer it has nearly become acceptable to bait opposing fans, to chant and jeer at the other team's followers.
    • My surprise was magnified when, instead of baiting me, Cale took one deliberate step forward and lazily asked, ‘So, are you going to eat lunch?’
    • The younger girl wondered if Sanura was baiting her, teasing her like she always did, or if she knew what she was really saying to Kira.
    • I wondered if he was just trying to bait me, jokingly tease me.
    • Even to those who consistently disagree with and bait me, I appreciate your comments and thoughts because you keep me thinking.
    • He came into office promising Black Power in the city, then made a career out of gratuitous race baiting and thumbing his nose at the white suburbs.
    • When was the last time you had blatant race baiting?
    • This movie doesn't begin to understand what movies are all about, and uses race and race baiting as a means of telling an overly tepid tale about street justice.
    • Born and reared in the east Alabama town of Oxford, the Navy veteran and ex-radio deejay had fashioned a career out of controversy and race baiting.
    • All of this happened while he endured endless taunting and baiting by racist opponents and hostile crowds and frigid responses from some of his own teammates.
    • He was trying to help some of his female German fellow workers who were being harassed and baited with cries of ‘work-shy Turks’.
    • But, I probably wouldn't expect to avoid it if I baited and insulted a bunch of great big thugs who hold a different political point of view.
    • We argued, pushed, pulled, baited, yelled, and eventually the lady kicked us out telling us to just go home.
    • He indulged in some East Coast baiting and proclaimed Los Angeles to be the center of the world.
    • Dante couldn't help baiting and rubbing her face in her partner's betrayal.