Translation of baked beans in Spanish:

baked beans

frijoles en salsa de tomate, n.

Pronunciation /ˌbeɪk(t) ˈbinz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (in can)
    frijoles en salsa de tomate masculine
    judías en salsa de tomate feminine Spain
    porotos en salsa de tomate masculine Southern Cone
    • The second is a parallel culinary universe in which it is OK to combine tinned tuna and baked beans in the same dish.
    • The plate contained two sausages, two lean bacon rashers, an egg, baked beans and tinned tomato.
    • This consisted of an egg, bacon, sausage, tinned tomato, baked beans and a slice of fried bread.
    • Where do you find the best value baked beans, sausages, ketchup and white sliced bread?
    • Also a plate of sausages, baked beans, eggs, grilled tomatoes and bacon makes a very good main course.
    • Ann had a jacket potato and baked beans with a salad garnish and coleslaw.
    • Take a tin of ordinary baked beans in tomato sauce and heat gently on the hob just short of bubbling.
    • When we didn't, I was the cook and produced mostly things like sausages, baked beans and sardines.
    • They duly arrived with a fried egg, mushrooms, baked beans and two tinned tomatoes.
    • Likewise if you have bread and cheese, or baked beans or frozen burgers, make them.
    • Added to these were baked beans, tinned tomatoes and two slices of buttered toast.
    • Every day he eats a packet of Jaffa cakes and wholemeal biscuits and has mashed potato mixed with plain rice, baked beans and brown sauce in the evening.
    • There is no logic in this, of course, just as there is no logic in my dogged loyalty to the name Heinz when purchasing either tomato ketchup or baked beans.
    • I mean, even Gabe and Isaiah could cook baked beans and the occasional beef stew.
    • Pupils who raised £50 or over had the pleasure of seeing their teacher covered in a mixture of baked beans and tomato soup.
    • To turn huevos rancheros into more of a meal, add a few grilled chorizo sausages, roasted red peppers or spicy baked beans.
    • Today's fish choice was haddock, and was offered with the obligatory chips and a choice of salad, peas or baked beans.
    • Not only was the room in a filthy state, the food cupboard contained just a tin of mushy peas, baked beans and corned beef.
    • Manufacturers could have to cut the amount of salt in beefburgers, bread, breakfast cereals, sausages and baked beans.
    • Grill and lightly butter the ciabatta, and ladle the baked beans on top.
  • 2US

    el mismo plato preparado con cerdo (dish)