Translation of baksheesh in Spanish:


propina, n.

Pronunciation /bækˈʃiʃ/ /bakˈʃiːʃ/

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    (tip) propina feminine
    (bribe) soborno masculine
    (bribe) mordida feminine Mexico informal
    (bribe) coima feminine South America informal
    • By the time we finished, a small group of children had gathered around our car and they called out in Arabic, ‘baksheesh! baksheesh!’
    • In the old days the uncertainty provided a lucrative source of supplemental income for town-hall bureaucrats who would tip you the wink for a little discreet baksheesh.
    • He explained: ‘I love baksheesh because it gives me certainty and predictability.’
    • Since the average baksheesh for foreigners is between 10 and 20 leva, I am well ahead of the game.
    • Elders make an income by taxi driving and baksheesh from tomb guardianship.