Translation of balance sheet in Spanish:

balance sheet

balance, n.


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    balance masculine
    off-balance sheet financing financiamiento fuera de balance
    • It also removes fixed-property assets from the balance sheet to the pension scheme.
    • An injunction does not appear on the debit side of the balance sheet as a liability.
    • It was not listed as an asset of the business in the partnership balance sheet.
    • You have to have a strong balance sheet and be careful of heavy capital expenditures.
    • The amount or value of an asset is, of course, a credit on the asset side of the balance sheet.
    • There are still losses in some areas but the company appears to have its balance sheet under control.
    • A deduction was also made for the negative working capital existing on the balance sheet.
    • As a result the company has a very low asset base that negatively affects its balance sheet.
    • Closer examination of the balance sheet revealed an increase in capital employed by the company.
    • When a company buys a computer, the expense goes onto its balance sheet and the cost gets depreciated over its lifetime.
    • As mortgage debt plays a big role in equity value, it is worth looking at the balance sheet.
    • Is the company whose stock you own carrying more debt than the balance sheet is showing?
    • The group has a superior balance sheet to many of its competitors.
    • They now have to carry the value of their derivative contracts on the balance sheet.
    • They don't want to put anything on the balance sheet that may turn out to be worthless.
    • If you are expanding, how do you see that expansion affecting your balance sheet on an annual basis?
    • The basic premise is that each of us, as individuals or household units have our own balance sheet.
    • The idea of the personal balance sheet was a key part of our Investment Workbook.
    • Curiously, this liability does not have to be shown on the balance sheet.
    • We are also running a business with simple economic facts and a balance sheet.