Translation of balanced in Spanish:


equilibrado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbælənst/ /ˈbalənst/

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    (diet) equilibrado
    (diet) balanceado
    (approach/view) equilibrado
    (approach/view) ecuánime
    (personality) equilibrado
    evenly balanced equilibrado
    • well balanced ponderado
    • Matchmakers must avoid trying to take advantage of this situation to push services or to charge prices that would not interest the client if he or she were in a more balanced state of mind.
    • Despite my rude disappointment as a child, I turned out a balanced person with realistic expectations.
    • After their bath I sat on Zoe's bed and I told them both that being proud of oneself was the bedrock of a balanced personality.
    • And he talked about this as a place that helps him become a balanced person.
    • The goal is not just to have children with a high IQ alone, but also to strive to have a child with a balanced personality.
    • Traditional, organic soy foods, incorporated into a varied, balanced diet, are healthy.
    • Many health experts encourage people to incorporate soy foods into a balanced diet and discourage solely taking soy supplements.
    • We ensured that he ate small amounts of good food in a balanced diet, drank lots of water and took only two supplements every day - a multivitamin/mineral tablet as well as a gram of vitamin C.
    • The plebeian ‘chai garam’ is proving to be the next vital element of a balanced diet.
    • The first is about healthy eating and a balanced diet, with the focus on enjoying quality food rather than feeling deprived.
    • You should eat a balanced diet with foods rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, broccoli, oranges, and bananas.
    • If you eat the right foods, eat a balanced diet, and take the right supplements, you stand a reasonable chance of warding off problems.
    • They can't replace the hundreds of nutrients in the foods of a balanced diet.
    • The Chinese viewpoint of a balanced diet is very different from that in the West.
    • In the meantime, we advocate a varied and balanced diet plus exercise as the best insurance of good health.
    • Our salad bars are very popular on Tuesdays and Thursdays and the children get a healthy and balanced diet from their school meals.
    • A malnourished body requires a complete balanced food packet that builds up its ability to absorb nutrients.
    • There is always a shortage of properly balanced food items in your local homeless shelter.
    • Offered nutritionally balanced food plus sugar water after 12 hours without food, the rats gradually increased their sugar intake.
    • Everything was perfectly balanced and cooked just right.
    • Most chef's will tell you that a balanced dish contains each of five key elements - sweet, sour, salty, hot and bitter.
    • The passion fruit and mango syrup complemented the dish well with a very good combination of flavours, a well balanced dish which refreshed the palate.
    • Every noodle dish we tried was excellent, the noodles firm and the sauces well prepared and boasting balanced flavors.
    • Glenny does his best to combat stereotyping and present a balanced, analytical account.
    • In doing so, the author presents a balanced account of the successes and the failures of Italy's greatest prime minister of the twentieth century.
    • The site purports to be a balanced presentation of information about New Zealand's future energy needs and how we might solve them.
    • This account makes no effort to present a balanced view; rather, the author implies that his assessment is based on incontrovertible evidence.
    • What this member is trying to do is to get the full information together so that it can be presented in a balanced manner, even if the member who is asking for it is not.
    • Information on risk must be presented in a balanced manner.
    • So they're already presenting a pretty balanced picture.
    • The media checks and rechecks facts, and presents reports in a balanced and objective manner to build trust among its readers and advertisers.
    • This isn't because I think drivers should be allowed to do anything they want but because I think these things need to be presented in a balanced manner.
    • Our own media have some responsibility to try to present a balanced picture instead of always gravitating for the sensational.
    • To ask electors for an opinion without providing them with comprehensive details is bound to result in emotional responses rather than a balanced and logical reply.
    • The Rich Tea will be chosen by someone sober, strategic and discerning who sees all the options and helps the team make balanced decisions.
    • That to me sounds like a reasonable and balanced approach.
    • Having put the recent storms over the use of intelligence into a balanced and reasoned perspective, he concludes with the following sobering observation.
    • Your predecessors of the Business Roundtable regularly asserted a balanced philosophy of corporate responsibility.
    • We must be very careful to ensure that this is sensible law-making, and that it is balanced and responsible, and not reckless.
    • His response is more balanced than his original piece.
    • A rational approach and a balanced perspective is needed to resolve conflicts with logic and clarity rather than with an emotional approach.
    • Isn't there some sort of balanced, measured response to publishing a story like that?
    • Here, the freedom of the press must go hand in hand with the editorial responsibility of accurate and balanced reporting.