Translation of baleful in Spanish:


torvo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈbeɪlfəl/ /ˈbeɪlfʊl/ /ˈbeɪlf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (stare/look) torvo
    (influence) funesto
    (influence) siniestro
    • If it's possible to cast a baleful glance with one eye shut, then she did it.
    • She wiped at it furtively, casting a baleful glance around to see if anyone noticed.
    • Zack buried his head in her shoulder, pausing in the crying to give me a baleful glance or two, and to lob the occasional ‘I don't like you Daddy, you're a meanie.’
    • Tresco gave him a sideways glance of baleful intensity that was beautiful to see.
    • Whenever an election turns into a three-ring circus, I cast my baleful eye upon the proceedings and wonder what's really going on in the heart that beats beneath the fright wig.
    • McGowan casts a baleful eye at how football is treated by government.
    • Casey casts a baleful eye on the author's camera, striking his most fearsome pose.
    • The angel looked up again, casting a baleful scowl at the Academy, in all its splendour.
    • The gaze of pale blue eyes fell upon his face fully, a cold glare, baleful, bitter, rough, but at the same time - lonely and easy to hurt.
    • In his last great battle there was only a baleful and ridiculous malignancy.
    • I saw the baleful look she shot me in the dim light coming from the street.
    • It rose far above her, untouched by light and staring at her through baleful eyes.
    • With the big day looming, young gun Tommy clashes with a baleful old timer (convincing Frank Harper) and finds himself plagued by dreams that foretell a death by booting.
    • Green's presence is arresting, to be sure, although her chief contribution comes in the form of seductive, baleful, or haunted glaring, which makes her a perfect complement for Bloom's Balian.
    • Finally, I disagree with his conception of human nature, inasmuch as I don't believe the baleful features of human life that he refers to are ‘inherent features’ of human nature.
    • Flinging him a baleful glare, I muttered, ‘Your point being?’
    • They're sitting on my ‘to read’ shelf next to my desk right now, staring up at me with baleful spines as if to warn me that if I don't read them soon, there'll be trouble.
    • In 1920, another baleful Armistice Day was looming.
    • Riffs should be big, brooding, baleful things.
    • Or it could be the empty eye-socket of a cyclopean presence that still manages to hold us in its baleful stare.
    • The baleful effect of overwhelming electoral landslides, usually worse than suggested by the cube rule, has also been underplayed.
    • Just for a moment you are swept by a sense of doubt - perhaps The Economist, that most sober of journals, is referring to the baleful effects of global warming.
    • The second is the baleful effect of regulation.
    • And it may even be a small sign of the baleful effects of media industry conglomeration.
    • These groups point to a number of situations in which the proposal could have baleful effects on the rights of other workers or on customers.
    • The war has had an ubiquitous and baleful effect on U.S. foreign policy.
    • Nevertheless, the case has had a baleful effect on this litigation.
    • But when it stopped the environment made its baleful impact.
    • But clearly they were seeking protection from something they perceived to be potentially baleful or harmful.
    • So state regulation of marriage, first applied in Hardwicke's Marriage Act, is still with us; and the moral code that flowed from it still casts a baleful shadow over modern society.
    • Its stultifying and baleful influence is transmitted by the clammy grip of its three main tentacles: the universities; the ‘experts’, and, above all, the media.
    • But by now, it should be clear that apart from the baleful influence of science, and to a degree because of it, modernism has been completely hamstrung by its realism.
    • Derrida became a flashpoint for controversies over the allegedly baleful influence of postmodernism and post-structuralism on the Humanities.
    • Alexandra blamed herself for her son's illness, and in seeking answers to alleviate her guilt, came under the baleful influence of Siberian monk and mystic Rasputin.
    • The successful lobbying for deregulation of the electricity supply in California has had baleful consequences that hardly merit repeating.