Translation of ball lightning in Spanish:

ball lightning

relámpago de bola, n.


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    relámpago de bola masculine
    relámpago en bola masculine
    • In nearly all reported cases, the observers saw another form of lightning flash before seeing ball lightning.
    • Some researchers believe that ball lightning occurs when lightning bolts touch down on the Earth's surface.
    • Extremely rare, there are few pictures of ball lightning, which is usually described as a floating sphere, often about the size of a basketball.
    • If you have ever heard of the Northern Lights or ball lightning, you might know that those are types of plasmas.
    • ‘Humbug’ refers to natural phenomena such as heavenly bodies, noctilucent clouds, ball lightning, and man-made objects such as glowing blimps.
    • Here's one account by a man who saw ball lightning in the summer of 1966 on a produce farm where he grew up.
    • To a few, the circles suggest the action of numerate whirlwinds, microwave-generated ball lightning, or some other peculiar atmospheric phenomenon.
    • All appears to indicate that the cameras aboard the Mexican aircraft picked up one of the strangest and therefore most fascinating atmospheric phenomena: ball lightning.
    • A person could spend precious minutes looking for a Shard that would unleash ball lightning while another person would use a different Shard to kill the befuddled one.
    • Two New Zealand scientists believe ball lightning consists of ‘fluffy balls of burning silicon created by ordinary fork lightning striking the earth.’
    • The strange properties of ball lightning can be explained in terms of metallic nanoparticles without introducing any extraordinary new physical processes.
    • The sky above Los Angels is likely charged with a tremendous amount of electrical energy that may develop into something like ball lightning.
    • Read about ball lightning, another charged-particle phenomenon.
    • Some scientists even argued that ball lightning didn't exist.
    • The triangular snowflake is no more interesting than a four-leaf clover, ball lightning, or the aurora borealis.
    • Shields may seem archaic in this modern age of handguns and ball lightning, but they are a tradition that we should strive to preserve.
    • I like the idea of ball lightning, but what exactly is it?
    • These are the same people who were telling us that Paul was converted by ball lightning.
    • He had seen the ball lightning from a nearby section of the city, but waited to see where she'd stop for another attack.
    • Jake ran around a corner just as a ball lightning exploded through the wall.