Translation of balletic in Spanish:


de ballet, adj.

Pronunciation /bæˈlɛdɪk/ /bəˈlɛdɪk/ /bəˈlɛtɪk/


  • 1

    (movement) de ballet
    (elegance/grace) de bailarina
    • There's something extraordinary about an industrial robot at work - mainly because of their truly balletic sense of movement, full of precision and elegance.
    • Denis collaborated with choreographer Bernardo Montet on the film and at times it has the appearance of an extended dance piece, brutal and balletic.
    • Both subsequently were premiered as complete balletic pieces.
    • Their balletic movements are heightened versions of everyday gestures; their costumes are mundane.
    • And though the movement vocabulary was unmistakably balletic, the visual appeal of the work may more often be associated with rock music videos.
    • But as for the rest of the work, its makers had their hands full pushing the notion that balletic dance movements could stand in for street-gang macho.
    • Suddenly, the feeble figure on the bed leapt up with a balletic movement, and, clutching its stomach, sprinted towards the toilet.
    • This was probably the most balletic of the pieces, with a concern for purity of line.
    • The opera is beautifully suited to the balletic form, with a dramatic setting, strongly drawn characters and a plot of enduring depth.
    • Some Christians decided to be offended, but Jerry also features tap-dancing klansmen and The Producers, famously, features balletic storm-troopers.
    • The 25-year-old was at her balletic best against the feisty Myskina as she skipped into the semi-finals for the third time in her past three visits.
    • Four dancers, bare-chested in flesh-coloured tights, moved in a soft balletic style, weaving in and out of a clever pattern of parallel leaps and arches.
    • And obviously, the Russians always have a beautiful balletic style.
    • But ultimately all that action, superbly choreographed and balletic, is only a contrivance and nothing more.
    • It's the physical action she likes, especially stunts involving ‘flying’ and balletic fight sequences.
    • ‘This is a balletic way of examining people's ethnic attitudes,’ Dokeva said.
    • More athletic than balletic, she skated like a well-trained chimp.
    • Like the conflicting elements of wind and fire, the two men engage in an hour-long balletic duel, chasing each other across the stage.
    • These stylized balletic duels are lovely to look at, but, let's face it - enough is enough already.
    • Sitting on the photography bench on the edge of the court, I don't think I've seen anything so balletic, visceral and exciting.