Translation of ballgown in Spanish:


traje de fiesta, n.


  • 1

    traje de fiesta masculine
    vestido de fiesta masculine
    • Take a lovely young woman in a red turn-of-the-century ball gown.
    • Maybe I was still hoping she would present me with some of her discarded ball gowns.
    • A true princess style can encompass a range of ball gowns.
    • I pretended I was a princess sweeping down the stairway in my ball gown.
    • She was, to my untutored eyes, a shining goddess wearing a ball-gown.
    • Suddenly, Elizabeth was dressed in the most beautiful silver ball gown she had ever seen!
    • Women were wearing ballgowns, men were trussed up in evening jackets.
    • Forced into ball gowns at every opportunity, she looks ready for a Vogue photo shoot.
    • Women in ball gowns were hoisted in endless lifts above the heads of soldiers who played their cards in a blur.
    • It looked for all the world like a real Cinderella doll wearing a beautiful pink ballgown.
    • On it was a picture of a lady in a ballgown by a window.
    • Every time I walk past a bolt of silk, I envision it pleated into a fantastic ball gown.
    • This gives her precious little time to find a ball-gown.
    • She emerged from the banquet room dressed in a scarlet ball gown that fit every curve of her torso.
    • The only item left to arrive was a ball-gown that she was having made at Mr. Darcy's request.
    • She trusts me to choose her ball gowns.
    • And when they returned to competition, they were done for good with the ties, tails, and the ball gowns of old.
    • She had placed some diamond pins in her hair and was dressed in an elaborate black and white ball gown.
    • Kit turned back to her and laced up the back of her pink ball gown.
    • Often the clothing included such items as business suits, ball gowns, and high-heeled shoes.